Subject: Women's day celebrations underway in East Timor

ABC News

Women's day celebrations underway in East Timor

By Sara Everingham in Dili

Updated Sun Mar 7, 2010 12:16am AEDT

Celebrations for International Women's Day have begun early in East Timor.

About 50 people - men and women - participated in a fun run and walk from the centre of Dili to the east of the city this morning.

It was organised by a cross-party coalition of female politicians as part of celebrations leading up to international women's day on Monday.

Maria Paixo, the chairwoman of the parliamentary women's caucus, says conditions are improving for women in East Timor.

"Very slowly, but little by little we will run," she said.

Ms Paixo says a draft law defining domestic violence and giving more support to victims should help improve the rights of women in the country.

"In East Timor patriarchal culture is very, very high... and this law will give more improvement to the rights of all women in East Timor," she said. 

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