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Local and International Media Monitoring - For April 21, 2010

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*MPs want to initiate pardon law *PSD blamed Agio Pereira for misunderstanding between Gusmăo and Da Costa *MPs have not defend people’s demand and aspiration in Parliament *Sudanese delegation appreciate mechanism used by Timorese people to get independence *UN Commissioner Police Luis Carilho: “PNTL should not be politicized” *PNTL’s promotion is to end political influence: State Secretary Guterres *Journalists have right to publicize reality *Parliamentary Committee C hold international seminar *PD disagree with PSD of supporting President Horta to give pardon Salsinha in writing form *HAK professionalizing VPU department of National Police *Public Defender has never impede process of any case *Judicial System in the country is going on well: Public defender Hornay *Fretilin questions Govt strategic development plan for 2020 *F-FDTL considers court has not consistent with trial process *Indonesian steals magnesium in the border

National News:

*MPs want to initiate pardon law

*Televizaun Timor-Leste, April 21, 2010 language source: Tetun

MP Carmelita Moniz from CNRT has urged the National Parliament Tuesday to urgently initiate legislative process of pardon law in order to define the competence of the head of state in granting pardon to prisoners.

“The Parliament should take the issue of pardon law urgently so that it can be used by the President of the Republic to grant pardon to prisoners in order to make everyone happy with the process of pardon,” said Moniz.

She said pardon thus far provided by the President is based on the Constitution of the Republic but according to the CNRT clear mechanism should be in place in relation to granting pardon.

Granting pardon in Timor-Leste has been politically controversial, especially in relation to granting pardon to those involved in 2006 crises, including those who involved in crimes against humanity by militias in 1999.

Recently, President Horta said that he would grant pardon to Salsinha and his men on the event of restoration of independence on May 20 this year.

However, the intention of President Horta has been criticized both civil society and members of parliament.

*PSD blamed Agio Pereira for misunderstanding between Gusmăo and Da Costa

*Radio & Televizaun Timor-Leste, April 21, 2010 language source: Tetun

Bench leader of Socialist Democratic Party (PSD) at the National Parliament, Riak Leman, has condemned the statement of Secretary of State for Council of Ministers Hermenegildo ‘Agio’ Pereira as provocative and has blamed Pereira for creating misunderstanding between Prime Minister Gusmăo and Minister for Foreign Affairs Zacarias Albano da Costa.

“The problem was already settled on April 14 at the Council of Ministers but on April 15, Secretary of State for Council of Ministers made provocative statements regarding the issue during a talk-show hosted by TVTL,” said Riak Leman.

Riak said that the political statement was made following the statement made by Pereira.

MP Natalino dos Santos from CNRT said that he was outraged by the political statement of PSD.

“I don’t understand their political position. The issue was already clear that it was Zacarias who made mistake and he already apologize but now they blamed again the Secretary of State for Council of Ministers,” he said.

He added that as a politician from CNRT, he needs to defend his political fellows who are attacked by others.

Pereira said that public has right to know the veracity of the issue from the government but not propaganda from political parties in relation to the issue of resignation of Minister Da Costa.

*MPs have not defend people’s demand and aspiration in Parliament

*Radio Timor-Leste, April 21, 2010 language source: Tetun

A resident of Becora (Dili), Mateus Freitas, has said that the Parliamentarians have not defended citizens’ demands and aspiration in the Parliament.

Freitas made the comment yesterday regarding the MPs have not show their political maturity as they had absent many times in the parliamentary plenary.

“It is clear that the MPs have no political responsibility because they had absent many times in the Parliament plenary and that show their immaturity of politic,” Fernandes said.

He added that indication of corruption continuing appear within the Government’s institutions due to the MPs had not undertake their duty well to observe the Government’s activities.

Meanwhile, National Council for the Timorese Youths (CNJTL) Leader, Levogildo Hornay, has said that it was important to political parties to better control their people in the Parliament so that the can show their political maturity in order to maintain peopels’ confidence.

“It is important to those parties whose people are in the parliament to control well their people so that they can undertake their work professionally to serve people,” Hornay said.

Hornay added that the MPs were well paid and facilitate comparing with the former MPs at Fretilin Government period and therefore he called on the MPs to show their responsibility to undertake their duty seriously.

Luta Hamutuk Director, Mericio Akara, has also said that the MPs have showed their inconsistence for their promise durin their political campaign.

He said that the MPs have not shown good trait to the people though they were paid with the people’s money.

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