Subject: Kirsty Gusmao visits Indonesian bazaar in Dili

The Jakarta Post [web site]

May 30, 2010

Kirsty Gusmao visits Indonesian bazaar in Dili

Dili, E Timor (ANTARA News) - East Timorese Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao`s wife, Kirsty S Gusmao, looked enthusiastic about the 2010 Indonesian Charity Bazaar held at the Indonesian embassy here Saturday.

She called the bazaar as the real form of Indonesia-Timor Leste`s friendship.

Coming along with her three children, Kirsty said the bazaar had brought her back to Jakarta, the capital city where she had ever stayed for three years.

"I learned Indonesian language thirty years ago because it was taught at high schools in Australia. This bazaar has reminded me of the past time," she said.

During her presence at the bazaar venue, Kirsty visited every booth which featured various Indonesian products, including handicrafts, foods and beverages.

She even bought some Batik clothes. "These are for my younger sister. I like Batik and I am choosing the Batiks that fit her," she said.

Inside the bazaar ground, Kirsty also ordered a bowl of Indonesian meatballs. "I also remember chicken porridge. It is so delicious," she said in fluent Indonesian language.

Indonesian Ambassador to East Timor Eddy Setiabudhi said the bazaar reflected the strengthening bilateral ties of the two countries.

"Our friendship with East Timor has increasingly strengthened. The understanding of respective cultures is also better and needs to be pushed forward," he said.

Kirsty said she was handling some social, educational and health programs for the sake of better welfare of the East Timorese.

The educational, health and social sectors became part of the East Timorese government`s present and future priorities, she said.

Compared to several years ago, the situation of East Timor has been better in which various development projects were being built.

Two of the development projects were the constructions of the Dili International Expo complex and extension of facilities of the President Nicolao Lobato International Airport.

Kirsty said the social dimensions of those development projects also need serious attention.

Lots of young Timorese people studied and continued their study in the capital of Dili.

Besides studying in Dili, about 5,000 East Timorese students also pursued their higher education at various Indonesian universities, she said.

"Education is so important for supporting East Timor`s progress and development. We work so hard to make our education better," she added.  (*)



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