Subject: Australia to donate 102.7 million Australian dollars in aid to East

Australia to donate 102.7 million Australian dollars in aid to East Timor   [ 2010-06-09 ]

Dili, East Timor, 9 June - The government of Australia plans to donate
102.7 million Australian dollars in development aid to East Timor in
the 2010/2011 period, Australia said in a statement Tuesday.

According to the statement, "the amount of this aid reflects the
strong commitment underway in Australia to help East Timor achieve its
(UN) Millennium Development Goals in line with the strategy between
Australia and East Timor for 2009-2014."

The expansion of the number of jobs, training opportunities, promotion
of professional education and an increase in agricultural productivity
are the most important points of Australia's aid to East Timor.

In 2009, Australian cooperation funded over 35,000 short term jobs.

According to the statement, "around 2,500 farming families have
benefitted from maize, cassava and rice varieties, amongst many other
benefits, with seeds donated by the Life programme, which is in its
third phase."

Improving the Government's accounting, transparency and integrity,
including capacity to manage public finances, are also goals of
Australia's cooperation for East Timor.

As compared to 2009/10 budget estimates, the aid for 2010/2011
includes an increase of 4.8 million Australian dollars in the AusAID
programme for East Timor and a reduction in the programme carried out
by other Australian government departments.

East Timor will continue to benefit from programmes in the areas of
water and sanitation, education, food safety - via rural development -
infrastructure, governance and climate change. (macauhub)


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