Subject: Translation of News Article: Macau National Ran Off With US$3 million From Referendum Package Project


Jornal Diario Nacional

Dili, 17 June 2010

Macau National Ran Off With US$3 million From Referendum Package Project

A Macau citizen has run off with Ministry of Finance money totaling US$3 million, which the Ministry paid to him to undertake public works pursuant to the Referendum Package Project (RPP).

Vice Prime Minister (VPM), Mario Viegas Carrascalao told journalists this on Wednesday (16/06), at parliament house, relating to US$3 million from the Referendum Package that FRETILIN previously denounced publicly as having been lost in the Ministry of Finance.

VPM Carrascalao did not explain fully for what works the Ministry of Finance had made this advance to the Macau citizen, but the VPM Carrascalao added, the US$3 million that were lost have been immediately covered up by the Ministry of Finance from the rectified budget funds.

"This money was really lost, because someone came from Macau, they paid him to do the works, but later he ran off, and later they took money from the Referendum Package to pay for it," added Vice PM Carrascalao.

But VPM Carrascalao said that this information regarding someone from Macau running off with the money had not yet been published in the press, and this is why he was informing the journalists now, because he does not want to be held responsible for it.

Until the time of publication this newspaper has been unable to obtain information from the relevant authorities. Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Disposition: inline; filename="message-footer.txt"

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