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June 24, 2010

*Police discovers a dead body in Bebonuk *Radio Timor-Leste, June 23, 2010 language source: Tetun

The local residents who are living near by Hotel Aribru, in Bebonuk were surprised with a dead body discovered by the police on the beach. The UN and National Police are currently holding investigation into the case. A resident, Silvano de Jesus said the police found the dead body whose age was about 17 years old. De Jesus added that the residents did not recognize the dead body and said it perhaps be thrown by some identified people on the beach.

*A dead body found in Kalua of Bebonuk village *Televizaun Timor-Leste, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese National Police (PNTL) and the United Nations Police have found a dead body at seashore of Bebonok, in the Capital Dili. The police was now holding investigation into this case in order to find what the motive was. It was believed that the man was dead on Tuesday at 17:00, adding that no one in the area recognizes him. Manager for Ocean view Beach Hotel, Danni Lee, said that he knew nothing about the motive of the dead, adding that he had information from his friend about the death of this young man before he reported the police. “I know nothing and soon after I returned from playing tennis my guest who staying at this hotel told me that there was a person drowning death and coming out to see and contact the police about it,” Lee said. The dead body has been handed over to the National Investigation Police Department for autopsy purpose the cause of the death.

*24 defendants reject verdict made by court *Radio Timor-Leste, June 23, 2010 language source: Tetun

Twenty four of the defendants who were engaged in the attempted assassination to President Jose Ramos Horta on February 11, 2008 have rejected verdict made by the court, as it is unfair and does not reflect evidences presented. Legal Advisor for the accused, Jose Pedro Camoes said the defendants respect the verdict made and were ready to abide by the sentence overturned, although they were not satisfied with the decision. “As human being they accept the verdict, yet there are not satisfied, because the verdict does not reflect the facts presented in the court,” Camoes said. The court has recently has overturned sentence to the 24 defendants who set up the ambush to the prime minister for nine up to ten years in prison, while those who engaged in the attack on President Horta’s residence sentenced to 61 years in prison.

*People should appreciate legal practitioners’ work: JSMP *Radio Timor-Leste, June 23, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP), Director Luis Oliveira Sampaio said the trial to the attempted assassination to President Jose Ramos Horta had not discovered many facts, yet the legal practitioners’ work should be appreciated. Sampaio stressed that so far the legal practitioners through a collective work were capable of resolving the complicated case which was involved military force. In response to dissatisfaction of the defendants over the verdict made, Sampaio said it was possible for them to make extraordinary appeal, but it would be difficult to get some changes, because the same judge would continue in the process of trial.

*Manetelu is delegated to hold dialog with Timorese student in Indonesia *Televizaun Timor-Leste, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese State Secretary for Youth and Sport, Miguel Manetelu is delegated by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão to hold dialog with the Timorese Students in Indonesia regarding the recent martial art clubs’ clash involving the Timorese students. The Timorese students who are doing their study in Indonesia have recently engaged in act of crime in Jogjakarta due to martial art problem, leaving one of the students killed. State Secretary Manetelu said PM Gusmão had delegated him to set up a team before departing to Jogjakarta this week.. Manetelu stressed that martial arts conflict in the country should not be brought to Indonesia, because it would damage image of the country. “It is important to all people to leave all bad things here if they would go to another country otherwise such attitude they have will damage image of the country. If they want to kill each other then let them do it when they return to the country,” Manetelu said.

*Additional state budget reduced PM Gusmao frustrated *Timor Post, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Parliamentary Committee C for Economy and Finance has reduced the amount of the Government’s proposed additional budget worth US $ totaling 177.985 million to US $ 52.284 and such reduced amount has made Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao frustrated. In relation to reducing the amount of budget, the prime minister is frustrated saying “buset”. Some of the MPs said PM Gusmao’s word was like insult and it did not respect the committee’s report. MP Jose Texeira called on the prime minister to respect this report, because the Committee C was part of the Parliament and was a state body. MP Arsenio Bano from Fretilin also said such word by Gusmao was unacceptable to his bench, as it was an insult.

*Soares pledges to launch investigation this year *Timor Post, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese Anti-Corruption Commission, Commissioner, Aderito de Jesus Soares has pledged to start holding investigation into corruption cases within this year. Soares called on the country’s people to give the KAK opportunity of carrying out its tasks optimally. “I guarantee that we should hold investigation into corruption this year,” Soares said. Soares made the comments after meeting with civil society at the office of the NGO Forum. Soares stressed that the KAK was yet to investigate corruption cases, due to it was creating proper working conditions.

*UNTL representative meets with PM Gusmao *Timor Post, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

Representatives of the Timor Loro Sa’e National University (UNTL) have met with Prime Minister Xanana Guamao talking on the university’s status. PM Gusmao pledged to take the issue to be discussed in the Council of the Ministers’ meeting. The prime minister said he understood situation being faced by the UNTL, therefore the Government would try to make some changes. “I understand situation being faced by the UNTL, the Government is trying to improve things which is sill weak, for instance financial resources and logistics,” Gusmao said. The UNTL representative, Faustino Cardoso hoped that the prime minister’s explanation could help resolve the problems they were facing. Cardoso said the ongoing peace rally would be continued to urge the minister of education to make revision to the UNTL’s status.

*Horta stands condolences to Sergeant Hermenegildo’s family *Timor Post, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

President Jose Ramos Horta has mailed an official letter to President of Portugal, Anibal Cavaco da Silva expressing condolences to the family of Sergeant Hermenegildo Almeida Marques who was killed in a fatal traffic accident. President Horta said he was sad with the accident, because Sergeant Marques was on the way to handle explosive goods in the country’s eastern district of Viqueque. Horta stressed that he received information in Australia that one of the Portuguese GNR police officers were killed in car accident. “On behalf of the Timorese people, I stand condolences to the family, mainly his loved ones,” Horta said.

*One killed in Bairopite clash *Timor Post, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese National Police Operational Commander, Mateus Fernandes said one killed in act of violence involving gangsters took place on Tuesday (22/6) in Bairo Pite, a suburb of Dili. The commander said victim, Moises Fatima was dead after the police tried to take him to the hospital. “Last night (Tuesday night) there were two groups attacking each other in Hudi Laran of Bairo Pite, one was killed in the clash and the suspect has been arrested by the police,” Fernandes said.

*Deputy PM Carrascalão urges Inspectorate Generate to investigate money US$3 Million goes missing *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

Deputy Prime Minister for Management and Pulic Administration, Mario Viegas Carrascalão has called on the Inspectorate General to investigate money US$3 million went missing in the Finance Ministry. “I do not know money about the missing moneu, but I have this information from the media and therefore I ask the Inspectorate General to investigate this case but I have no report so far,” Deputy PM Carascalão said. Carrascalão also said he had information that the money was run off by a foreigner from Macau and the Finance Ministry took money of referendum package project to replace it. “It is posible for Finance Minister to denie this information but we will see whether money has really gone missing or not,” Carrascalão added.

*UN Police is reponsible for security in Capital of Dili *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese Police Deputy, Commissioner Police Afonso de Jesus has said the United Nations Police was responsible for controlling and maintaining security in the Capital of Dili and therefore the National Police would not respond to any disturbance in Dili directly. De Jesus said although the UN Police was responsible for the security maintenance in Dili but the National Police would continue cooperating with the UN Police to respond to any incident. “We the Dili District Police will cooperate with the United Nations Police to maintain security. It is yet to hand over security responsibility to the Dili district police,” de Jesus said. De Jesus made the comments regarding the recent criminal case took place in Baibata sub-village of Bairopite village, leaving Moises Fatima killed, adding that the police had detained the attacker and he was waiting for further investigation.

*Parliamentary Committee C should present reason *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese Finance Minister, Emilia Pires has called on the Parliamentary Committee C for Economy, Finance and anti-corruption to present their reason following their demands reducing the amount of US$177 million of additional state budged. Minister Pires said that the demands of the Parliamentary Committee C to reduce the money did not mean to reduce all the money. “We the Government propose money US$177 million but the Parliamentary Committee C said that no need so now we have two different opinions and therefore we have to justify these differences, as the Government wants to know their reason,” Minister Pires said. Minister Pires added that the Committee should present their clear reason of reducing the money, adding all the MPs had tight to convey their opinion about this case.

*PNTL should learn to respect human rights *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Timorese Human Rights and Justice Ombudsmen (PDHJ) Sebastião Dias Ximenes, has called on the Timorese National Police (PNTL) to maintain law and order and to respect human rights in the country based on the constitution. “The police should respect people’s rights and carry out their work based on the constitution and law,” Ombudsman Ximenes said. Ombudsmen Ximenes made the comments regarding the recent maltreatment of a journalist involving the Task Force Police officers. Ximenes stressed that the police’s role was to defend and protect rights of the people and should not violate it. He also called on the victim to make report to the PDHJ so that they can hold further investigation into this case.

*Civil society ready to support KAK to combat corruption *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

The Civil society in Timor-Leste has committed to supporting the anti-corruption commission (KAK) to combat corruption in the Government’s institutions in the country. The civil society expressed their commitment during a meeting with the commissioner of anti-corruption commission Aderito de Jesus Soares Wednesday (23/6). Program Manager of Luta Hamutuk, Joãozito Viana, said that the civil society was ready to provide their endorsement to the KAK for eradicating corruption virus in the country, adding that the most important thing was the KAK should better cooperate with the NGOs in combating corruption. “We are ready to hand over some documents about indication of corruption to the KAK, so that they can hold investigation in the case,” Viana said. Meanwhile, the Commissioner of KAK Aderito de Jesus Soares said there were many obstacles faced by the KAK to find out evidences, investigation and processing case in the court. “I just want to say that work of KAK is too hard and we are preparing design for KAK’s structure. I want to call on all sides to be careful when they talk, because it is not easy to investigate corruptors if the KAK has no strong evidences,” Soares said.

*Tara testify through written text *Suara Timor Lorosa’e, June 24, 2010 language source: Tetun

MP Agusto “Tara” da Costa from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has responded to the questions sent by the court in a written form regarding the country’s crises of 2006. A letter was sent to MP Tara asking him to testify regarding the ambush to the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) in Fatuahi on 23 May 2006. MP Tara said that he was ready to give his testimony through written text, because he was allowed by the Parliament to do so. “I am ready to testify through written text provided by the court, because the National Parliament has allowed me,” MP Tara said. 

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