Subject: RI, Timor Leste To Apply Border Crossing Pass

The Jakarta Post [website]

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

RI, Timor Leste to apply border crossing pass

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Indonesia and Timor Leste will apply a border crossing pass (PLB) for their respective local residents to replace the passport usage while crossing the border of the two countries later this month.

I hope we could implement the new policy later this month during the visit of Indonesian foreign minister to Timor Leste,” travel document, visa and immigration facility director, Djoni Muhammad, said Wednesday in Atambua as quoted by

Checking posts of the border crossing pass will be placed in Motaain (Indonesia)-Batugade (Timor Leste), Metamauk-Salele, Napan-Bobometo, Builalo-Memo, Haekesak-Turiskain, Haumus ­ Wini, Haumeniana-Passabe, Laktutus-Belulik Leten, and Oepoli-Citrana.

Djoni said that both countries had conducted a series of discussions about the pass usage since 2003, but they failed to settle several technical matters such as the need to differentiate stamp for business and personal trip.

He expected the two countries would soon resolve the differences.

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