Subject: Belo seeks proper burial for Saturday's dead
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:23:39 -0400
From: (TAPOL)

Media Indonesia, 19 April 1999 Summary

Bishop Belo has expressed his amazement at the inability of the security forces to control the disturbances in Timor. 'After hearing about disturbances, we are told that the security forces don't have enough personnel or facilities.'

He was amazed that political disputes were always resulting in people being killed. 'Is this because of political intrigue within the elite or are there other causes that we know nothing about,' he said.

Bishop Belo went to Wira Husama Hospital to pray over the bodies of twelve victims and to visit six gravely wounded victims.

He then had a meeting with two senior army officers, Lt General Zacky Anwar [former longtime intelligence officer in Timor and more recently chief of the army's intelligence agency, BIA], and Mayor-General Kiki Syahnakri [a former military commander in Timor] who are on a working visit to Timor, along with the military commander Colonel Tono Suratman.

'I asked them for guarantees for the safety of the population of Timor who are facing terror and intimidation,' said Belo.

He also asked for the families of the dead to be allowed to take the bodies home for burial.

There were further clashes in Hera village, East Dili, as a result of which one person was killed. The chief of police Timbul Silaen said one person had died but other source that the death toll was seven.

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