Subject: J Ramos-Horta: The Arm Of Justice Is A Long One...
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:21:29 -0400
From: "John M. Miller" <>


Augusto Pinochet felt comfortable and secure enough. So he frequently travelled to England, his favorite country. He loved the British. Margaret Thatcher has been an intimate friend ever since the Chilean dictator betrayed his Argentinean neighbors by supporting Thatcher 1982 war on the Malvinas. So he would often fly to England and would always bring some fine Belgium chocolates for the sacred cow of British conservative elite. But then one day, the long arm of law caught him...

It is widely known that the so-called East Timorese "para-military" groups operating in the territory are funded and trained by branches of the Indonesian military.

What has not been said is that an Indonesian diplomat by the name of Jose Tavares travelled at least twice to Dili in December and held meetings in the Makota Hotel with several pro-Jakarta puppets, including gang leaders, whom he urged to take up arms. He brought along cash which he distributed to the group. Tavares father, the "bupati" of Maliana, has been directly implicated in ordering attacks and assassination of anti-integration villagers in his district.

Indonesian diplomats are known for engaging in terrorist activities. In 1994, the Australian government expelled an Indonesian diplomat stationed in Canberra for threatening East Timorese peaceful protesters with a loaded gun.

In November 1997, in Vancouver, Canada, Indonesian security personnel travelling with the Indonesian dictator threatened demonstrators.

Nobel Peace Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta was followed and harassed on numerous occasions by Indonesian diplomats from the Embassies in London, Washington and Ottawa. In December 1996, Norwegian security arrested two Indonesian agents as they entered Norway each carrying four forged passports.

Bishop Carlos Belo was target of two assassination attempts. Now they are threatening the bishop again.

A statement dated 25 February 1999 and signed by two pro-Jakarta gang leaders, Cancio Lopes de Carvalho and Eurico Guterres, threatened with assassination Australian diplomats, politicians, journalists and humanitarian workers, prompting the small foreign community in East Timor to flee. In the face of the Indonesian government inability and unwillingness to assist the thousands of people in desperate need, the small number of relief workers on the ground have been the only source of outside help, providing vital support to needy population.

The letter written in passable English was not written by the two almost illiterate gang leaders. It reveals the style of individuals trained in the English language and well conversed with blackmail tactics, a tradition of the Indonesian military intelligence. All evidence point to a Mr. Jose Tavares, a diplomat in the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. A visible face of the terrorist gangs is a certain Basilio Araujo. Araujo and Tavares have close links with the army intelligence.

As it happened for many long years, the Indonesian military does not like independent witnesses to its crimes. On October 16 1975 a then obscure army officer directed the assassination of five Australian newsmen in the town of Balibo. This obscure army officer is now Gen. Yosfiah, Information Minister in the Habibie government.

The East Timorese resistance was betrayed a thousand times by every major country. Yet, this much vilified movement never once resorted to blackmail and threats against foreign nationals of the countries that provided weapons, military training, financial backing and diplomatic support to the Indonesian dictator and its brutal occupation of our homeland.

The actions of fringe gang elements who claim to support East Timor's integration in Indonesia speak for itself. The so-called pro-integration group is not a genuine social and political movement but rather it is a collection of corrupt individuals, social pariahs and common criminals.

If more evidence is needed in regard to the extremist and psychopathic nature of the so-called pro-integration and Jakarta's direct involvement in sponsoring international terrorism, the developments in East Timor should suffice.

The actions of the terrorists are not directed against the veteran resistance fighters. Rather, these cowards prefer the easier target, the unarmed civilian population, women and children.

We do not have the NATO bombs to end genocide in East Timor. But we can try the long arm of justice to pursue and hunt down the perpetrators of such hideous crimes. We owe it to the people of East Timor, to our friends and relatives who have been murdered. We ought it to humanity as a deterrence against future crimes. I appeal to all to help. We can bring to justice these criminals and the same time set a precedent that will strengthen international law.

Advisory: A group of lawyers is compiling data and evidence on East Timorese and Indonesian criminals in preparation for a two-pronged strategy in the fight against these criminals:

a) As an immediate step, to place a number of senior Indonesian military officers, starting with Suharto, Gen. (ret) Benny Murdani, Suharto's son-in-law Subianto Prabow on the Interpol list of international terrorists. To build a case under the genocide convention and the charter of the war crimes tribunal against all those responsible. Precedent: Galtieri of Argentina and other Argentinian officers who are on Interpol's list; Pinochet.

b) To freeze all economic and financial assets of the Suharto family and other senior military/civilian official involved in the genocide in East Timor held in Australia, US, Europe, etc in order to compensate their the victims. Precedent: The cases of Mobutu of Zaire, the Marcoses of the Philippines, the Korean "comfort women" during Japanese occupation.

Anyone with information and willing to help please contact.

Jose Ramos-Horta Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Gabinete do Dr. José Ramos-Horta -Lisboa Rua de São Lázaro, 16 - 1º 1150 Lisboa

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