Subject: JawaP: Pro-independence figures snub Gen Wiranto
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:35:01 -0400
From: "John M. Miller" <>

Received from Joyo:

Pro-independence figures snub Gen Wiranto

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts Thursday April 22, 1999 Source: 'Jawa Pos' web site, Surabaya, in Indonesian 21 Apr 99

Pro-independence figures snub Gen Wiranto

Dili: Minister for Defence/Commander Indonesian Military Forces, General Wiranto arrived yesterday afternoon in Dili accompanied by the Chief of National Police General Roesmanhadi, the Chief of Army Staff General Subagyo, the Army Assistant for Operations Maj-Gen Kiki Syahnakri, the Army Assistant for Security Maj-Gen Zacky Anwar Makarim and the Head of the Armed Forces Strategic Intelligence Agency MajGen Tyasno Sudarto. The purpose of the visit was to calm the warring groups in East Timor.

The party arrived at Comoro airport, Dili on board an Air Force F-28, and were met by Governor Abilio Soares, the Bishop of Dili Monseigneur Belo, Commander of the Udayana Military Area MajGen Adam Damiri, Commander of 164 Military Provincial Command Colonel Tono Suratman, the local chief of police Colonel Timbul Silean and other civilian and military officers.

From the airport, the party traveled to the senior officers' mess in the Pantai Farol area. After receiving an update on the security situation in East Timor from Maj-Gen Damiri and Col Suratman, the minister's party was invited to dine.

Following dinner, Wiranto met with pro-integration groups. Domingos M.D. Soares, Filomeno Hornay, Carlos Boroneu Duarte, Jose Estevao Soares, Joao Corbafo, Herminio da Costa da Silva, Edmundo da Conceicao (the Regent of Lautem), Vidal Doutel Sarmento (the Regent of Manatuto), and the head of the KOTBD [Klibur Oan Timor Ba Dame] Gil da Costa Alves.

Pro-integration militia groups were directly coordinated by Combat Commander Joao da Silva Tavares, Joanico da Costa (commander of the Saka group), Sera Malik (commander of the Sera group), Erurico Guterres (Aitarak group), Cancio de Carvalho (Mahidi) and Rui Emiliano Texeira Lopes, the former Regent of Covalima.

The plan was that following his meeting with pro-integrationists, Wiranto was to have met with pro-independence figures. But, as of 2030, not one pro-independence figure had arrived. The 12 pro-independence figures approved by CNRT president Xanana Gusmao to attend the reconciliation meeting included Manuel Viegas Carrascalao, Leandro Isac, Paulo Freitas da Silva, Alexio Ximenes, Antonio Gomes da Costa (alias Ma'huno), Jose da Costa (Mauhudu), Abel Belo, and David Diaz Ximenes. But of these, only three - Manuel, Leandro and Paulo - are in Dili and they have asked for police protection.

Today (21st Apr) Wiranto and Bishop Belo were to witness the signing of a reconciliation agreement at the home of Bishop Belo. The document was to be signed by 12 integrationist and 12 independence figures to signify an end to the violence between the two factions.

After meeting Wiranto, Bishop Belo told journalists that he did not fully understand the type of reconciliation model being adopted as he had only been invited to witness the signing...

Meanwhile, around 1700, an hour after Wiranto's arrival in Dili, a clash occurred between pro-and anti-integrationists in Bairo dos Grilos village, East Dili. The clash, which involved dozens, occurred near the home of Manuel Viegas Carrascalao. Security officers were forced to fire warning shots to disperse the two groups. Information on victims of the clash was unavailable.

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