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April 18 - 30

End of March - April 3

Australia Lists Terms For E. Timor Peacekeeping Forces

E Timor expats pack bags, skills for home
East Timor governor warns against UN-sponsored ballot

ET public servants quizzed over loyalty
E.Timor rape victims too afraid to give evidence
Interview - U.N. plans early start on E.Timor ballot
Lisbon appeals for calm in Timor, urges U.N. help
Not in the interest of the region
Recent developments in Baucau
U.N. plans early start on E.Timor ballot
United Nations - rape used extensively by ABRI
Women Targeted in Timor
Xanana  - "Autonomy- An International Commitment or Merely an Internal Option"
Australia significantly increases pressure for U.N. force in E.Timor
Thais respond to Timor poll aid
XANANA - Statement to UN Commission on Human Rights
1000s of students said returning to give "political education" to Timorese
Timorese fear sabotage of transition
Whatever the Vote in E.Timor, Violence a Problem
VIPs & journalists clamour for an audience w-Gusmao

April 3 - 10
Hundreds of pro-Indon militia launch attack in E Timor

Military Intelligence Services (SGI) and the Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) in East Timor more on the numbers
Timor must not be new Kosovo - says Bishop Belo

AI UA065-99 EAST TIMOR Fear of torture

Take up arms - orders Gusmao as 16 die in Timor fight
CNRT-Xanana - Urgent- "Falintil Resumes Defence Of The People Of East Timor"
April 6 press briefing UN

Indon should act to avert 'catastrophe' in E Timor

US worried about Timorese rebel chief's u-turn
Statement by José Ramos-Horta
Timorese plot future but violence gets in the way
UN rules out peacekeeping force for ETimor violence
Yaysan HAK's report on Liquisa, April 7 human rights NGO in Dili
A bloody road to independence in E. Timor
Bishop Belo - more than 25 killed in church massacre

Portugal blames Jakarta for E.Timor attacks
Australia, Red Cross to investigate Timor killings
Belo backs popular insurrection after 25 massacred
Experts Trash Myth of a Too-Small State
UN Talks Postponed
US voices deep concern at violence in East Timor
CNRT Conference Statement
Indon riot squad 'took part in massacre'
Indonesia threatens Gusmao with return to jail
Radio Interview with Jose Ramos-Horta
Red Cross - threats stopped them helping Liquisa victims
The Timorese Youth Press Release
Indonesian rights body to investigate Liquisa massacre

Several thousand pro-JKT Timorese rally for war
URGENT ALERT - Call for Urgent International Action

April 11 - 17
INFID statement on East Timor International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development
ANALYSIS - Violence jeopardises East Timor ballots
Attack on Bishop Belo's Convoy
Father Rafael on Liquica killings
Health in East Timor
Yayasan Hak Report on Pro-integration Gangs
Data on the Internal Refugee due to Terror of the Pro Integration Armed Gangs
25 to 45 East Timorese people unlawfully killed PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY
Albright writes U.S. Senators
EU calls on Indon to disarm E.Timor militia
Evidence of E. Timor massacre wiped away by military
Jakarta Hears Chorus Of Int'l Criticism on Timor
Killings bleed E. Timor of hope

PRD threatened with ban over E Timor call
Six Timorese asylum seekers leave Austrian embassy
26,000 Indonesians have fled East Timor
BHP exit should speed Bayu-Undan progress
Fortilos on intimidation and threats from the militias
AI UA077-99 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary detention
Gusmao says he cannot let E. Timorese be slaughtered
Indonesia calls for ceasefire
Jakarta loses grip on Timor as 'recalcitrant' troops run riot
PBHI Statement
Suharto on E Timor
Timorese picket US embassy in Jakarta in call for intervention
Xanana Statement
East Timor bishop urges end to violence
Habibie's fatal flaw - failing to end military privilege
Marker briefing on East Timor

Amnesty says Indon military destabilise Timor
Dili gripped by terror of pro-Indon militias
Rebel leader pledges to end violence
UN gears up for East Timor vote
U.S. official meets Gusmao, calls for Timor peace
FOCUS -Pro-Jakarta militiamen riot after rally
Soldiers watched Timor massacre - Australian embassy report
The criminal history of E. Timor militia leader
Urgent International Action Needed to Save Lives in East Timor

April 18 - 30

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