Subject: KMP: Wiranto's report to cabinet critical of UNAMET
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 11:32:32 -0400
From: "John M. Miller" <>

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July 30, 1999, Friday

Indonesian minister's report to cabinet critical of UNAMET

Source: 'Kompas', Jakarta, in Indonesian 29 Jul 99

Jakarta: The Minister for Defence and Security/Commander of the Indonesian Military Forces (TNI), Gen Wiranto, has criticised UNAMET officials for making the registration process to participate in the referendum in late August 1999 difficult for pro-integrationist East Timorese.

"Gen Wiranto said that he regretted that the security situation had been tainted by several cases that reflected badly on the Indonesian government. He reported that one of UNAMET's registration officials had made registration difficult for pro-integrationist East Timorese," Information Minister Muhammad Yunus Yosfiah said as part of a report on the cabinet meeting on political affairs and security at the presidential office, Bina Graha, in Jakarta on Wednesday (28th July) night.

Reporting on the results of the cabinet meeting chaired by President Habibie, the Information Minister said that Wiranto was disappointed with the attitude of local officials working as interpreters. UNAMET and the interpreters had committed acts of intimidation and other efforts so that registered voters would reject the integration option. "The minister for defence and security/commander of the Indonesian Military Forces (TNI) also reported that several churches had not acted in a neutral manner when dealing with members of the community who required baptism and birth certificates. The anti-integrationists had been helped quickly and with little cost. On the other hand, this was made difficult for the pro-integrationists, who also had to pay high fees," said the information minister.

The TNI commander's report stated that UNAMET had refused to open a registration centre in Atambua, where there were about 10,000 pro-integrationist refugees. "That's an awful lot," commented the information minister. The report said that the National Council for East Timorese Resistance (CRNT) and Falintil were not the only organizations trying to persuade the East Timorese people to reject the first option [of autonomy]. "Non-Government Organizations who give aid only to anti-integrationists are also doing this," he said.

The information minister said that Wiranto also reported on the efforts of the pro-integration side for an option one victory. "I think the defence and security minister's report was balanced," the information minister commented. He said that pro-integration campaign efforts included ceremonies to mark the anniversary of East Timor's integration into Indonesia on 15th and 17th July. They had also conducted sympathy operations.


Wiranto also reported that the current security situation in East Timor was very conducive to holding the ballot. The information minister said that Wiranto's report stated that the favourable security situation had been created by the efforts of the security forces, State Department officials and staff of the East Timor Ballot Implementation task Force (P3TT). The visit of a group of ministers had also contributed to the favourable conditions...

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