Subject: KMP: Indonesian Govt sets up Media Centre in Timor
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 14:43:48 +0000
From: (TAPOL)

Kompas, 15 June 1999 Slightly summarised

[This reads suspiciously like a move from Jakarta to exert control over reporting about Timor in the run-up to the Consultation. TAPOL]

The Indonesian govt's Taskforce for Implementation of the Consultation in East Timor, in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Information, has set up a Media Centre to handle all information relating to the Consultation in East Timor.

'We recognise the need for coordination between the media and press workers in this region so as to avoid misunderstandings among people working for the press,' said Paul J. Amalo, head of the Media Centre, in Dili on Monday. He added that it was necessary to ensure that before writing their articles, journalists should understand deeply the matter that they were reporting.

The primary purpose of the Centre will be coordination and consultation for all media representatives in E Timor. The Centre will also handle facilities available to the domestic and foreign press and provide sources of information who can be consulted as necessary on gaining an understanding of the autonomy concept. [This doesn't sound 'neutral' at all.]

The Centre will endeavour to ensure that reports published by the press are balanced and are not such as to cause unrest in society.

The Centre now has an office, several computers and phones, to help journalists in the communications, said the Centre's secretary Jantje Parera.

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