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June 1 - 5
Alarm Bells in East Timor
Concern at military exercises Australia and Indonesia train together
CPJ on Indonesian Press & Foreign Press in E Timor
East Timor and Megawati
Indonesia denies report to UN S Council
Indonesia approves UN plan on unarmed troops in East Timor
Leandro Isaac leaves police HQ Independence leader leaves protective custody
Military takes blood oaths for Jakarta
OMCT Case IDN-TMP 250599 - East Timor-Human rights violations
Ramos-Horta to visit Jakarta for first time in 24 years
secret military and intelligence ties bind Jakarta and Canberra
The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor Book review
Timor militia accused of sex-slavery
UN officials say militiamen making threats ahead of ballot
U.N. Mission Chief Arrives In East Timor
Wiranto says yes to military liaison
Belo urges postponement of independence vote
Megawati tells Timor she's concerned about torture, suffering
AI EXTRA 65-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
ETse Community Calls for Aust Gov't compassion
Xanana Gusmao - Golkar will intimidate ET voters
U.N. flag raising in E.Timor Met with loud cheers
Wall of military blocks doctors
Assessment of compliance with the 5 May Agreement - 5-22 May
"Autonomy will win" - principle leader of the Third Way Movement
CNRT office to re-open
Gusmao vows to support Suu Kyi's party in Burma

Risky rally for independence seekers
Czech Republic's stance on Timor misrepresented by Antara
Pacific diplomat named as first consul in Dili

June 6 - 12
Jakarta accuses UNAMET of partiality
The Magic of the White Vehicle
UNAMET’s almost impossible mission
Extra Indonesian police arrive in East Timor ahead of August ballots
Golkar, PDI Perjuangan and PDI set to dominate East Timor polls
Women abducted by East Timor militia, says rights group
Call to raid treasury for integration poll
Doctor relies on hammer and nails
An inconsistent case of U.S. policy East Timor
External voting in E Timor poll not complicated - organisers
Megawati fears violent E.Timor independence vote
Timorese Look Past Monday's Elections
In Liquisa, voters turn up under militia control
UN Sets up shop in Australia
ETHRC UA 7-99 - Violations against women
Hardline militia cloaks itself in legality
OMCT Case IDN-TMP 080699.VAW - Violence against women
Sa'he Study Club Criticism of the Autonomy Plan

U.N. Chief To Broadcast Msg To E Timor On Referendum
ETimor police defend militia leader appointment
Xanana Appeals To Jimmy Carter On Human Rights
Asian observers say Indonesian polls free except in East Timor, Aceh
Long way to go, says UN leader
Military 'giving arms' to militias says Australia
Ramos Horta vows to return to Timor
US Catholic Conference - Statement on East Timor
E.Timor's Economic Future May Lie In Sub-Sea Resources
Indoneia Agrees To 50 U.N. Military Advisers
SC Establishes Mission in E Timor to Conduct Aug 8 Consulatation
Timor will get to have its say - Ramos Horta
U.N. Council establishes operation in East Timor
UN to open first voter registration office in Timor Monday
East Timorese Vote in Indonesian Election
Security concerns UN chief
UN team launches information campaign in troubled East Timor

June 13 - 30
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