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March 1 - 7
ETHRC Annual Report - Contents & Glossary
ETHRC Annual Report - Executive Summary
ETHRC Annual Report - Part 1
ETHRC Annual Report - Part 2
ETHRC Annual Report - Part 3
Australia says Habibie wants E.Timor vote by June
EAST TIMOR - Observer status to be sought at Forum
E. Timor paramilitary prince ready for war
Hundreds of Indonesian teachers demand to leave ETimor - report
Resistance warns Indonesia on deploying bombs, mines
UN role sought in East Timor
US Senators write Albright on E Timor
Gusmao calls for peace, slams pro-Indon warmongers
Military families flee troubled E. Timor
CNRT disappointed by pro-integration group
E.Timor is developing an independent security policy
EU presidency statement on ET
Interview with militia leader Basilio Araujo
UN SG to Set Up Contact Group
Gusmao To Ask Albright To Stop Us Military Aid To Indonesia
Give ETimor's people their chance -- J R Horta
Dangers on the road to E Timor peace
ETimorese call on ASEAN, US for support
US may offer arms to Indonesia
Transcript- 3-4 Albright-Alatas Joint Press Conference
Misery and hardship in East Timor
Albright on E Timor

March 8 - 14
Book by Xanana launched in his house
East Timor heritage pillaged
Indonesia army a bar to Timor peace - Ramos-Horta
Shadowy groups accused of E Timor starvation plot
Teachers want out of Timor
Timor resistance rejects autonomy
Amnesty International - INDONESIA Threats and intimidation
E Timor negotiations delayed - setback may be victory for hardliners
Indonesia to revise Timor autonomy package

Megawati 'not opposed to free E.Timor'
Thousands flee E Timor, teachers protest lack of protection
Xanana interview with Irish Times
Amnesty International - UA 37-99 EAST TIMOR Fear of torture
Armed militias in E.Timor "frightened and confused"
Death by cruel neglect in East Timor
East Timor faces death before birth
Howard- No Australian Troops Being Planned For East Timor
Amnesty International - INDONESIA Possible disappearance
Armed militias sow fear in East Timor
East Timorese Wins New Norwegian Peace Prize
E.Timor UN Talks Produce Breakthrough
Indonesia vowed never to invade E.Timor - report
Leaders Keep Eye on Timor Gap Revenue
PDI Perjuangan advocates military in ET, calls for referendum
Portugal, Indon agree on E Timor UN-sponsored direct vote
Xanana, Tavares meet
Press Conf. by SG and others
East Timor - Uncivil war
Hardship in E.Timor as vote approaches
Portuguese envoy arrives in Timor; ABRI show of force in Dili
The humanitarian crisis in East Timor

March 15 - 21
A free E. Timor won't be easy
East Timor Frets About Independence Vote
E Timor needs peacekeeping force, says activist
E. Timorese woman fighter bears scars of long struggle
Free Timor must build economy from rubble
Interview with Belo
JRH reservations about UN agreement
Kofi Annan- Indon reaffirms pledge to release Gusmao
Nobel laureate Belo urges UN mission for ETimor
Portuguese envoy pays visit to Timor's Roman Catholic bishops
UK arms sales to Jakarta increase despite govt pledge
Plea to airlift fresh food, drug supplies to E.Timor
Suharto crony company stops Timor timber operations - report

Troops 'teach bomb-making'
AI UA 50-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety-risk of torture
Gaming draws those 'with nothing to lose'
History's Lens Reground

Indon rights abuses largely unchanged - Amnesty
Resistance wants troops out before vote
Gusmao rejects Timor meet as ``dirty manipulation''
Roth testimony on Indonesia
UN Press Briefing - March 18, 1999
Border town booming as strife boosts business
Pro-Indonesia leader condemns Portugal
Sen. Feingold on ET
Civilians Shot Dead in East Timor

Pro-Indonesia Militia Surrounds Convent, Threatening to Kill Nuns

Pro-Indonesia Militia Lift Siege of Catholic Mission
Portugal pays pensions of some 730 retired civil servants

March 22 - 31
ABRI on Jun 7 elections in ET
Additional info on Malian
Alatas says autonomy will win
Civilians Shot Dead in East Timor
East Timor Activist Says U.N. Should Send Troops For Vote
Indonesian envoy meets anti-independence activists
Indon to take back national assets if E Timor becomes independent
Australian aid agency report describes "climate of uncertainty"
AusAID report of 'FactFinding' mission March '99
Editorial - Release Xanana

Indonesia rejects offer of medical help, Australia says
Komnas Ham Approves Formation Of Commission In East Tim
Press Statement Xanana Gusmao
Arrival of UN teams marks start of E.Timor transition
No Indonesian election in Timor
Security Situation in ET Deteriorates
Twinning of UK city call to back plight of oppressed
BHP to sell out of Timor project
East Timor's big coffee break
TAPOL-CAAT press release - UK arms sales
UN team visits East Timor to prepare for direct vote
The UN must act now for East Timor's sake
Amnesty International - Report on E Timor
Letting Go in East Timor

Transcript of A License To Kill - a documentary

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