Subject: RDP: Timorese guerrilla leader criticizes UN over New York accord
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 10:14:36 -0400
From: "John M. Miller" <>

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts May 17, 1999, Monday

Timorese guerrilla leader criticizes UN over New York accord RDP Antena 1 radio, Lisbon, in Portuguese 1200 gmt 14 May 99

The number three man of the Timorese resistance was interviewed this morning by the Timor Loro Sae programme on RDP International. With regard to the New York accord [signed by Portugal and Indonesia], Commander Falur criticized the UN strongly. He does not understand why Indonesia will be responsible for guaranteeing security in the territory during the preparations for the 8th August referendum.

[Falur] The UN itself is trying to find an anti-democratic solution to the East Timor conflict. Let's see, Indonesia remains a military dictatorship, a repressive [word indistinct] and repulsive regime, full of corruption and nepotism. Its leaders (?have) large amounts of money. And we are witnessing a financial crisis in the large Indonesian republic which has not yet been overcome. It seems to us that the UN wants to involve Indonesian politics in the peace efforts to pacify and safeguard a free choice on 8th August in East Timor. How is it possible that the Indonesian police, whose hands have been stained with the blood of the Timorese people, for 24 years, and of that of the Indonesian people for several decades [changes thought].

The UN appears to us to be suffering from conjunctivitis because they know that Indonesia, its armed forces and police do not know how to practise democracy yet. Furthermore, the Timorese conflict is by nature against the illegal Indonesian occupation. [End of recording]

After the criticism, Commander Falur made some threats. He said the guerrilla movement would not hand over its weapons while the Indonesian troops remain in the territory.

[Falur] We, the guerrillas, and the people of East Timor, continue to believe in the UN. However, it is also necessary to remember that Falintil [East Timor National Liberation Armed Forces] has been fighting since 20th August 1985 to defend the East Timorese territory and the physical integrity of its people. Falintil will only lay down its arms when the Indonesian soldiers, ABRI, have completely withdrawn from our territory. We have to call on all Timorese political leaders, from all sides, to press world decision-making powers to establish a real UN peace force, that they be neutral and democratic to stabilize the situation in East Timor in the run-up to the popular consultation.

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