Subject: statement of the East Timorese Students
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 10:25:36 -0400

Forum Soru-Mutuk Estudante Timor Lorosae Dili- Timor Lorosae

Your Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan General Secretary of United Nations New York

We- Timor Lorosae students that are under--The Timor Lorosae Students Joint Forum is a newly set up body consist students from main land of Timor Lorosae and outside Timor Lorosae, would like to respond to the on going situation where there are emerging intimidation, torture and even killing carried out by the pro-Indonesian militias and continues presence of Indonesian military in Timor Lorosae.

We would like to propose:

1. Creating Pre-Conditions There should be an immediate disarmament of the paramilitaries and would be followed with Cease-fire between ABRI and Falintil. The number of ABRI should also be reduced gradually from Timor Lorosae.

2. Creating International Human Right Commission under United Nation. The Commission should conduct human rights monitoring and should report publicly on its findings; should include a broad representatives of East Timorese groups, including people with expertise and experience in human rights monitoring.

3. Welcoming United Nations monitoring Team or UN Observers as many as possible to Timor Lorosae. They would back up the Timorese people as keyplayers.

4. A properly trained civilian police force which would take over normal law and order functions and act according to international human rights standards.

5. Access to international students and women’s groups should be guaranteed.

We are looking forward to appreciating the United Nations immediate presence in Timor Lorosae as soon as possible.


Jose da Costa Magno (Executive Secretary of ETSSC) Nino S. Pereira( Secretary of IMPETU -based outside Timor Lorosae) 


FORTILOS Forum Solidaritas Untuk Rakyat Timor Timur

Forum Solidaritas untuk Rakyat Timor Timur (FORTILOS) dibentuk oleh sebelas lembaga dan enam individu pada tanggal 11 Maret 1998. Forum ini bekerja dengan komitmen menegakkan hak-hak asasi manusia dan menghargai hak rakyat Timor Timur untuk menentukan nasib sendiri, serta mendorong tercapainya penyelesaian masalah Timor Timur yang adil dan damai. Forum ini berangkat dari Pembukaan UUD 1945, "bahwa kemerdekaan adalah hak segala bangsa" serta Pernyataan Semesta Hak-hak Asasi Manusia yang menegaskan hak-hak semua bangsa untuk menentukan nasib sendiri.

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