Subject: A Doctor in E Timor: Diary of an Eyewitness
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 10:20:20 -0400
From: "Max Lane" <>

THIS WEEK On ABC Radio National's Background Briefing Program: Sunday, May 23, 9.10am Repeated Tuesday, May 25, 7.10pm


ON-AIR PROMO: A volunteer doctor, working inside Timor, agreed - with Background Briefing - to record a taped diary. He speaks of the flood of horribly wounded and dying that overwhelmed his small clinic. His despair and anger at the persistent cruelty, and his own experiences with ABRI terror, are compelling. The tape was secretly smuggled out, and you can hear Dr. Dan Murphy's personal testimony on
Background Briefing, this Sunday morning after the news at 9.

PRODUCER's SUPPLEMENT: When he first arrived in Dilli, American Dan Murphy was the only non-Indonesian-backed doctor working in East Timor. In the ensuing weeks, victims of violence arrived at the Motael clinic from the remote areas of the countryside, attacked by militias, away from the eyes of the restricted international media. He and his co-workers survived the threats and eventual militia attacks on the small outpatient clinic turned emergency trauma centre. Before his deportation last weekend by Indonesian authorities, Dr. Murphy was able to recount the horrors has witnessed in a specially taped diary for Background Briefing.
Transcripts now available on-line from last week's program:

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