Subject: PUB: "Eurico Guterres should be arrested"
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 11:38:11 -0400
From: Comissão para os Direitos do Povo Maubere <>

Source: Publico Date : 13 May 1999 Dateline: Jakarta Byline : Luciano Alvarez Original language : Portuguese Headline : "Eurico Guterres should be arrested" Interview with Francisco Lopes da Cruz, Indonesia’s itinerant ambassador

Yesterday, Lopes da Cruz, itinerant ambassador for Indonesia and leader of the pro-integration movement East Timorese People’s United Front, came out in support of the arrest and trial of Eurico Guterres, second in command over all the pro-integration militias who has publicly admitted direct involvement in recent violence in East Timor. Lopes da Cruz said: "Indonesian law has to be obeyed…", "it was clearly stated in the Peace Agreement", signed in Dili on 21 April, that "all those committing or ordering to commit acts of violence" would have to be put under arrest."

Never before has a pro-integration leader been so explicit in references to the man who has spread terror throughout East Timor. Mention of the name "Eurico Guterres" is usually completely avoided by those in favour of Indonesia continuing as administering power of East Timor. However, as the violence with which he and the militias operate intensifies and becomes increasingly uncontrolled, pro-integrationists are beginning to add their voice to calls from independence supporters for perpetrators of crimes to be brought to justice.

The East Timorese People’s United Front, set up about 2 weeks ago, is composed of pro-integration leaders representing Timor’s 13 "councils" or administrative areas. The Front’s leader, Lopes da Cruz, is unequivocal: "I have always condemned the militias’ use of violence. They go against our "socialisation" policy for the territory. That is why the Forum for Unity, Democracy and Justice (FPDK, the political wing of the militias) has not yet joined the United Front. "All those who commit crimes must be arrested and tried." In answer to Publico’s question as to whether that should include Eurico Guterres, who has admitted responsibility for many violent attacks in which several people have been killed, Lopes da Cruz replied: "Yes, Eurico Guterres must he arrested and sentenced. He and all the others who commit acts of violence, whatever side they happen to be on."

Indonesia’s itinerant ambassador, who is very well-connected with the Jakarta Government, said that "the peace accord signed in Dili is clear" with regard to those responsible for violence, and referred to the fact that the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Ali Alatas, was unequivocal in statements he made two days ago. "The violence has to stop so that the consultation on 8 August is not put in jeopardy. Indonesia is determined that it should proceed properly, and is not going to allow its international image to be affected".

Lopes da Cruz went as far as to say that, as well as deserving condemnation, militia violence was proving "detrimental to those in favour of integration", who want to undertake "socialisation" activities among the people to raise their awareness in a peaceful way"

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