Subject: Action Allert - four people arrested
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 19:42:16 -0700
From: Constancio Pinto <>

EAST TIMOR New York, May 3, 1999

Report from East Timor

This morning, Monday, May 3, 1999 I was told that four people have been arrested by the Indonesian backed paramilitary " "Rajawali" in Bereliurai, Remexio.

They are:

1. Jose da Costa, Age : 41 years old, Status : married, Profession : Civil servant

2. Adolfo de Jesus Age: 25 years old Status: single Profession: Farmer

3. Mateus Tilman, Age: 22 years old Status: Single Profession: Student

4. Chico de Jesus Age: 31 years old Status : Married

The four are now being held at the military headquarter " KODIM" of the district of Aileu where they are subjected to intensive interrogation and torture such as slice with razor blades, punches and electric chocks.

I was also told that da Costa's house was set on fire by his perpetrators. The population were petrified by the shootings. The paramilitary shot at people and people's houses. The area is still controlled by "Rajawali" paramilitary.

An urgent action is needed to save the lives of the four who are beign torturing by the Indonesian army and the population of Bereliurai.

Constancio Pinto
National Council of East Timorese Resistance
Representative to the United Nations and North America
Tel: 1-212-749-0510


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