Subject: USET PR - Students fired on in Maliana
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 11:21:13 +1000
From: Corey Oakley <>

Press Release - University Students for East Timor, Melbourne. 16/8/99.

Australian Students fired on by Indonesian Military

Two Australian students were fired on when the East Timor Student Solidarity Council (ETSSC) building in Maliana was last night attacked by Indonesian TNI Soldiers thinly disguised as militia.

Maliana is a large town in the west of East Timor. It is regarded as of the most troubled areas in the disputed territory.

Three shots were fired from outside the building, One soldier ran into the building with a rifle, and was wrestled to the ground and disarmed by students from ETSSC.

This news follows reports that over 150 Militia surrounded a house in Balibo last night, threatening to burn it down.

Sean Butler, one of the Australian students in the building when it was attacked, said today, “This incident highlights the fact that the Indonesian Military is not only working with the militia, but also carrying out intimidation of its own accord.”

“It is time that the Australian Government takes a firm stand against the intimidation and violence being perpetrated by the Indonesian Military in East Timor. Too long has the Australian Government ignored the people of East Timor to whom we owe a debt.” Mr Butler concluded.

For more information and further comments, contact: Corey Oakley, Education Vice-President, Melb Uni Student Union 9344-4808 / 0413 934 441 Nelson de Sousa Carvelho Belo, East Timor Student Solidarity Council 0011 62 390 312 995

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