Subject: ABC: Australian police officer injured in attack in East Timor
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 01:50:23 EDT

Australian Broadcasting Corp. Monday 23 August, 1999

Australian injured in E Timor

An Australian police officer has been injured in an attack in East Timor.

The attack happened at a restaurant in the south-western town of Suai.

At this stage it is unknown who threw the rock at the forehead of an Australian civilian police officer as he sat in restaurant on Saturday night.

Suai is one of the towns identified by the United Nations as being a militia stronghold.

The identity of the civilian police officer is unknown but it is understood he received up to six stitches following the attack.

Indonesian police were called after the incident and they say the matter is being investigated.

Australian police are part of an unarmed UN presence in East Timor ahead of next week's referendum that could lead to independence from Indonesia.

(7:43am AEST)

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