Subject: AFP: Indon refuses entry to US radio reporter
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 03:50:24 EDT

Indonesia refuses entry to US radio reporter

JAKARTA, Aug 24 (AFP) - Indonesian authorities in the resort island of Bali have refused entry to US citizen Amy Goodman, a radio reporter who had been one of the foreign witnesses of the 1991 Dili massacre in East Timor, Goodman said Tuesday.

"Immigration officials in Ngurah Rai (Bali's international airport) told me that I was on the blacklist and they did not allow me to enter the country yesterday (Monday,)" Goodman told AFP by telephone from her hotel room in Taipei.

Goodman, a host for US-based Pacifica Radio, said she was shown her name on the computer's blacklist by immigration officers who also told her that she had been banned from entering the country by the defence ministry.

She was later put on board a plane bound for Taipei.

Goodman was planning to visit East Timor, where the United Nations is organizing a vote for self-determination to be held on August 30.

She had broadcast reports from observers on the ground in the East Timorese capital of Dili, who described how local death squads, supported by the Indonesian police and military, had terrorized the local population in attempts to derail the August 30 ballot on self determination in the territory.

Goodman witnessed the shooting of peaceful pro-independence demonstrators at the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili on November 12, 1991 that left more than 100 people dead according to various sources.

She has since been banned from the country. But the government of former president Suharto lifted the ban in 1994 to allow Goodman to cover US President's Bill Clinton's trip to Indonesia to attend a summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

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