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August 1 - 14

August 15 - 21
SE03- Internally Displaced People in East Timor
CAFOD urges UK Govt to press for TNI withdrawal from Timor
E.Timor pro-independence party launches political campaign
Seven jailed for attack on East Timor aid covoy
Violence Continues in East Timor
Canadian delegation statement
East Timor Flag Flies Legally At Last
Indonesia to free all E.Timor prisoners after ballot
Ominous threats to UN mission in E.Timor - UN special envoy
U.N. says threats won't delay E.Timor vote
Students fired on in Maliana - USET PR
Xanana’s speech broadcast in pro-independence campaign rally
Carter Center Weekly Report on East Timor No. 5, August 9-16
ETHRC Bi-Annual Report - Executive Summary
ETHRC UA 8-99 - Students killed in Viqueque
New East Timor Human Rights Centre Report
Suharto Afraid of Arrest
Amnesty Intl Again Decries Indon Abuses In E.Timor
East Timor Tense as Vote Nears
Indonesia militia launch attacks in East Timor city
Portugal warns Indonesia on E.Timor vote
An unfair ballot will spark another war -- J R Horta
IFET-OP- Gunshots in Manatuto
Indonesian Army A Threat To E.Timor Vote
Pro-Indonesia militia attack independentists outside church

UA 8-99 Progress Report Arbitrary Detention / Beatings / Extrajudicial Executions
Gusmao predicts overwhelming majority for independence
Militias disarm but UN officials still fear violence
Pro-Indonesia militias blamed for nearly all E.Timor violence
USCR Calls on Indnesian Government to Disarm Militias in East Timor
US senators warn Indonesia over security in E. Timor
Congressional Group demands UN peacekeepers in East Timor
Desmond Tutu urges immediate release of Gusmao
Lisbon in $2.3b independence offer
US senator calls for armed UN peacekeepers in East Timor

August 22 - 28
East Timor holds breath
IFET Observer Project Bulletin #7-8
UN02 - Voter registration phase Voter registration phase
U.N. Bars Youth Groups As Observers in E.Timor
ABC news report from Liquisa rally Whispered intentions
Australian police officer injured in attack in East Timor
US rules out sending armed UN peacekeepers to E.Timor
Indon refuses entry to US radio reporter Amy Goodman's name on blacklist
Op-Ed by Bishop Bello - A Day of Reckoning in East Timor
Rights group doubts Timor ballot can be free and fair
IFET-OP - Fears of Bloodbath Around Time of August 30 Ballot
Jailed E.Timorese leader announces "general amnesty" Xanana Gusmao
Statement of Irish-South African Delegation to East Timor
Canada urged to help
Dili has biggest political rally in decades
E. Timorese bishop threatened by pro-Indonesia militias
Fearful Ramos Horta asks Canberra to help send thugs home
Indon plans quick withdrawal if E.Timor rejects autonomy
Militias Threaten International Observers
NGOs Demand More from President Clinton
Resistance Leader Unveils Blueprint For E.Timor Xanana Gusmao
TAPOL calls on UK Govt for immediate action in Timor
UN Condemns Surge in Violence
Vote counting for Indon regions outside E.Timor to be in Jakarta
Australian military on alert for poll rescue
Clashes Kill Six in E.Timor; Militias Threaten "Sea of Fire"
E.Timor Coffee Industry Embroiled in a Tug of War
Foes of E. Timor Independence Run Amok
Only UN armed peacekeeping force can prevent Timor bloodbath
Resistance leader calls for international help Xanana Gusmao
Thousands go hungry as pro-Indon mayor blocks aid   to "undeserving" women and children
Campaign Ends in Wave of Pro-Integration Terror
Church on a tightrope of neutrality in E. Timor
Jakarta unleashes military enforcers; Zacky recalled
Yayasan HAK- Violence in Maliana and Los Palos human rights violations

August 29 - 31
Huge turnout as E.Timorese flock in peace to polls

U.N. Worker's Killing Mars East Timor Vote

August 1 - 14

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