Subject: KIPER: Statement on the Implementation of the Popular Consultation
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 21:15:50 +0700
From: "Kiper Dili" <>

Statement on the Implementation of the Popular Consultation No 026/KIPER Dili/IX/99

On August 30, 1999, the people of East Timor were finally able to make a democratic choice in a popular consultation. We witnessed the great enthusiasm of the East Timorese who went to their polling stations in huge numbers. In many places they were waiting there from very early in the morning. The result was, as the UNAMET Electoral Commission confirmed, a turnout of 98,6 %. That amazing figure reflects the fact that the people of East Timor have experienced many years of terror, intimidation and violence from parties willing to go to great lengths to frustrate the popular will.

KIPER observers found that the process at the polling stations was secure and orderly. UNAMET, as the organizer of the popular consultation, acted in a professional way and was cooperative with the voters. We would like to express our gratitude and great respect for the UNAMET staff, both those of them who were locally recruited and those who came in from outside,, for the tireless way they exercised their responsibilities. Undeterred by the threats to which they were subjected, they went ahead with real dedication. Some of them, particularly people who acted as local staff, continue to be threatened.

Unfortunately the popular consultation was marred by the actions of the pro-autonomy armed militias who persistently acted in lawless ways. One very recent example is the way in which 150 UNAMET staff members at Atsabae in the Ermera district were held hostage and three of them killed. In addition militias are continuing to block roads in a number of areas, causing disruption to the work of the general community as well as to observers.

In our view the popular consultation went off successfully, peacefully and securely. That result reflects the cooperation of all parties, of the people of East Timor,of UNAMET, of the observers, local as well as foreign, and of the Government of Indonesia, in particular the Indonesian Police&rsquo;s Lorosae Contingent.

We qppeal to UNAMET and the Indonesian Police to be actively concerned for the security of the East Timorese people in the post-consultation period, and particularly for the security of people who acted as local UNAMET staff and local observers in the period of the consultation.

We regret the attitude of UNIF, the United Front for East Timor Autonomy, who have expressed their prejudice by accusing UNAMET of bias, and by their statement indicating that they would boycott the counting of the votes. That attitude does not contribute to peace in East Timor. It reflects political immaturity of a kind which is likely to do damage yet again to the good name of the Indonesian government and the Indonesian people.

The people have exercised their sovereignty to determine the future of East Timor,and UNAMET as the body implementing this has discharged its task well. What is needed now is that the political elite of East Timor should accept the result of the popular consultation wholeheartedly, whatever its outcome. To deny that would be to betray the will of the people. And the voice of the people is indeed the voice of God.

In our view it is important that Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, should send a Peace Keeping Force here immediately in anticipation of problems likely to arise in the post-consultation period. We hope that the Secretary General will also continue to pay special attention to the East Timor situation before and during the period of transition.

KIPER asks that the Indonesian Government and the whole Indonesian political elite should be consistent in going through with the policy of holding the popular consultation. Whatever the outcome is, it should be implemented and legitimated by the forthcoming general session of the People&rsquo;s Consultative Assembly (MPR), in accordance with the New York Agreement signed by Indonesia and Portugal under the auspices of the UN Secretary General.

Indonesia, Portugal and the Secretary General of the UN should be actively involved with the people of East Timor in making the transition in East Timor a peaceful one. Differences of political outlook need to be put aside for the sake of creating a new East Timor in the future.

Dili, September 2, 1999 KIPER

Bonar Tigor Naipospos Chairperson of the Executive Council

KIPER Komite Independen Pemantau Pemungutan Suara Independent Committee for Direct Ballot Monitoring

Sekretariat Timor Timur (Pusat) Jl. Dr. Antonio Carvalho No. 3 Dili Timor-Timur Telefak: 0390 - 321 584 email:

Indonesia Jl. Pramuka Jaya sari No. 9 Jakarta 10570 Telefak: 021 - 422 4079, 422 6348 email:

KIPER (Komite Independen Pemantau Pemungutan Suara) didirikan untuk memantau pelaksaan pemungutan suara yang diselenggarakan oleh PBB. Misi KIPER adalah membantu terlaksananya jajak pendapat bagi rakyat Timor Timur yang jujur, adil, dan demokratis. Selain itu juga menumbuhkan solidaritas rakyat Indonesia terhadap penyelesaian damai di Timor Timur.

Dalam melaksanakan tugasnya KIPER dilandasi dengan etika: * Senantiasa bersikap independen, demokratis, dan universal. * Senantiasa menjaga kredibilitas, ksatria, jujur, dapat dipercaya, dan bertanggungjawab. * Senantiasa menjunjung tinggi cara dan jalan kedamaian, anti kekerasan, anti konfrontasi. * Senantiasa menjaga kerahasiaan, keamanan, dan keselamatan sumber-sumber informasi.

Struktur KIPER Dewan Pertimbangan: Mgr. Don Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, Rev. Arlindo Marcal, Dr. George Junus Aditjondro, Prof. Dr. Lukman Soetrisno, K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid, Dr. Arief Budiman, Prof. Dr. Saparinah Sadli, Dr. Karlina Leksono.

Dewan Eksekutif: Bonar Tigor Naipospos (Ketua), Amandio de Araujo Sarmento (Sekretaris), Yeni Rosa Damayanti.

Divisi Operasional: Hadi Ciptono (Ketua), Mindo Rajagoekgoek, Adhi Pratomo

Divisi Pemantauan: Tri Agus S. Siswowihardjo (Ketua), Sulastio

Divisi Informasi: Andriyanto (Ketua), Ragawa Indra Maruti, Widhi Wahyu Widodo

Divisi administrasi: Zilstra Makagiansar (Ketua)

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