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September 1 - 18

Nairn on US Complicity in Timor - Nation Magazine

September 19 - 25
US aided Indon military in covert programme - report
ABC interview w-Ramos-Horta as Timor liberation begins
Blind nationalism benefits the real enemy
Deported American says military chief behind Timor killings Allan Nairn
End to Jakarta Military Aid Urged
Gusmao anguished by slaughter but doesn't regret referendum
Jakarta gets its three Hawk jets
East Timor peace troops land in ruined city
Priests, nuns discovered alive
Proof that Indonesian Army Directed Timor Slaughter conversations intercepted by foreign observers
There Must Be Accountability for E. Timor's Ordeal - Mary Robinson
Troops secure airport and move out into city
Police Must Be Trusted With Timor Refugees UN Official
Wiranto reveals 3,700 Indon Soldiers Died in E Timor Occupation
Bishop Belo urges UN intervention in W Timor
East Timor policy is in nation's best interests - Habibie
Peacekeepers overwhelmed by welcome in Dare Eyewitness
How strong militias remain will be mainly up to army
Indonesian Military Tries To Play Down E. Timor Killings
Indon military's power undimmed by humiliations
Rumors Prabowo in W.Timor; Falantil leaders "disappeared"
East Timor killer held in mountains tells of murder plans
Fear Still Reigns In E.Timor Hills; Thousands Remainin Hiding
Journalist killed by gunmen wearing army uniforms - witness
Many E.Timorese Indon Policemen Desert To Independence
Persecution of refugees stepped-up throughout Indonesia
Ali Alatas backed the militias
U.S. closely watching Indonesia military Cohen
Indonesian 'red tape' strangles food drops to starving refugees
Militia massing outside Dili, threatening to attack peacekeepers
Passing of 'fascist' security bill will secure army role in Indonesia
Savagery lurks in `safe' suburb - killers mutilate journalist
UN Forces Return Fire For First Time; Tension Escalates
UN rights chief calls for intl probe into East Timor massacres

Nuns hid Xanana's parents during violence Of militia: "Thank God they're lousy shots."
East Timor Refugees Terrorized in Camps
Indon Troops Take Aid Trucks Meant For Refugees - WFO
Local troops on rampage
Map shows forced exodus of 100,000 East Timorese - report
Multi-donor taskforce visits W.Timor camps, urges improvements
Asian nations set to block UN atrocities inquiry
Banished American doctor returns to East Timor Dr. Daniel Murphy
Bishop in western Timor urges U.N. mandate for all of Timor Seeks donations for funerals
Degrading Moment for Indon Army As Power Shifts in E. Timor Capital
Longer Stay in Timor Looms for Australians; Earlier EstimatesToo Rosy
UN Aerial survey shows urgent need for teams to probe atrocities Some towns completely levelled
Was Timor's Chaos Part of a Plan to Create a Client State?

UN Press Conf by Xanana and Ramos-Horta
Killings of four East Timorese members of the clergy - ETHRC
Outside backing has militia primed [Prabowo in Kupang?]

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

September 26 - 30
At Evil's Edge - Horror I Thought I'd Left Behind
E. Timor 'totally destroyed' - far worse than feared
Militias to mount attacks from refugee havens - Report from Atambua
Wiranto, 21 Others To Be Arrested by Interpol If They Leave Indonesia
740,000 in E.Timor need food aid - UN World Food Program
Albright Addresses New Warning to Indonesia
Australian troops hunting for evidence of Timor war crimes
Feared 321st Battalion Exits East Timor
Indon military hands Timor security to peacekeepers
Militia documents show military in their ranks
Indonesia - A Pariah State?
Rights groups, exiles demand Timor probe before evidence is lost
Some 150 East Timorese soldiers quit Indon army - General Kiki
UN Accused of Whitewash If Jakarta Given Role In War Crimes Inquiry
UN rights commission votes to set up East Timor probe
Gusmao wants his fighters in peace force
Militia leaders send conflicting signals
Rebuilding ravaged East Timor
Timorese Exiles In Hiding After Death Threats From Soldiers
UN says Indon lets it set up civil administration in East Timor
Xanana seeks rebuilding
E. Timor leaders meet with aid donors on post-independence help
E Timorese Resistance and Their People Come Out of the Hills
Gusmao asks for US aid; lawmakers push sanctions on Indonesia
Indon Continues Interfet Torture Story Despite Kiki's Denial
Indonesia must allow Timor refugees safe return - Cohen
In abrupt reversal, Jakarta rejects UN inquiry on East Timor
Resistance in control of eastern East Timor - commander
The 'Underground Railroad' in Timor
US to boost commitment to East Timor force - Cohen
Awesome destruction 'like carpet bombing'
Cohen- Indon military's behavior "inexcusable and shameful"
Killers walk free under UN rules
Robinson expects much evidence of atrocities in East Timor

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World Leaders Contact List
Public Officials Email & Contact Information
Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor

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