Subject: BaliPost: Solidamor to become CNRT's ''Liasion Office'' in Indonesia

Bali Post, Saturday, 4 Desember 1999

Xanana appoints Solidamor as the CNRT Liaison Office in Indonesia

(Bali Post) -CNRT President, Xanana Gusmao, has appointed Solidamor, (Solidarity for Peace In East Timor ) as its temporary liasion office in Jakarta.

Solidamor coordinator, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, told the press that the office would handled the CNRT's interests in Indonesia.

'The CNRT would like to be able to open a representative office in Jakarta but until such time as the office is set up, Xanana has appointed Solidamor to become its liasion office,' said Bonar.

He said that the tasks of the liaison office would include coordinating humanitarian assistance from the Indonesian public to East Timor. 'We will also promote development efforts in East Timor by for instance informing businesses in Indonesia about the prospects of investing in East Timor.'

Bonar said that conditions in East Timor following the ballot in August were very bad indeed. Virtually the entire infrastructure has been destroyed as a result of the scorched earth. There is a very pressing need for humanitarian aid and investment to help restore the country.

Solidamor would also foster relations between the two countries in cultural, political and social affairs. 'East Timor is very keen to develop close friendly relations with Indonesia, its closest neighbour,' said Bonar.

He said that Xanana had appointed Solidamor as its liaison office on 30 November.

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