Subject: RDP: Independence commander says militia threat remains

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts Independence commander says militia threat remains

RDP Antena 1 radio, Lisbon, in Portuguese 0900 gmt 9 Dec 99

Excerpts from report by Portuguese radio on 9th December

[Presenter] The Falintil [East Timor National Liberation Armed Forces] chief of staff, Taur Matan Ruak, arrived in Lisbon today. He spoke of the threats which remain in Timor and revealed that members of the pro-Indonesia militias are being trained by the Indonesians on the border with West Timor.

[Ruak] We know that on the other side military training is occurring. The militias have not totally disarmed. There are many refugees still on the other side of the territory. We have had some contacts with generals on the border to discuss security matters and the return of refugees. We contacted Indonesian generals, including some in Jakarta, but I am very, very doubtful still.

[Reporter] Do you still fear infiltration in East Timor?

[Ruak] There is talk of enemy intelligence infiltration. Other types of infiltration may also be developing. But since the UN is responsible now, I hope it will take the appropriate measures to prevent future problems.

[Presenter] Cdr Ruak will visit parliament tomorrow where he will be awarded a medal marking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On arrival at the airport, he was interviewed by Luis Nascimento.

[Nascimento] Ruak confesses that although the long war against the Indonesian invaders is over, his mission is not.

[Ruak] I would not say my mission has ended because we are experiencing an even harder phase, much more difficult than 24 years ago. Our people are hungry, have no home, no medicines. It is very difficult and we hope this will be resolved soon as this is what the people want.

[Nascimento] ... He also praised Portugal.

[Ruak] Portugal has always done its best and has done all that was possible to help. I think that during all this time Portugal has stood by the Timorese people.

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