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December 1 - 4
ASIO to probe defence leaks on East Timor
Indon Govt Inquiry Blames Military for E Timor Killings
Indon military fails to keep promises on refugees - UNHCR
Pro-Jakarta Militia Leader Implicates Generals
Clearance given to question generals over East Timor
Cosgrove sees Falintil as a legal police force
E Timor's Freedom Fighters Move to the Airwaves
Ramos Horta gets down to work in E Timor
Conditions in W Timor refugee camps deteriorating - UNHCR
E Timor destruction systematic and professional - EU envoy
'The U.N. Is Not Listening' Interview with Gusmao
Portuguese escudo causes mass confusion
Refugees Still Held in W Timor Despite Border Pact
UN team wraps up inquiry into East Timor atrocities
Back to E Timor With an Agenda for Reconciliation
UN warns Dili hotel on prostitution
U.S. backs Australia to lead in E.Timor

December 5 - 11
Wiranto's in Charge says Defense Minister
Solidamor to become CNRT's ''Liasion Office'' in Indonesia
E Timor marks bitter anniversary of Indon invasion
First large group of Timor refugees returns home from Australia
After 25 years of secrecy, Whitlam reveals his E Timor policy
Anger over lack of jobs turns violent in East Timor
E Timor Begins Campaign To Expunge Indon Influence
Lisbon leads new Timor invasion
UN to verify TNI's Timor role
E Timorese judges, prosecutors start training in Australia
Indonesia concedes E. Timor
Interfet triumph - now the peace enforcers are disturbing the peace
Indonesia Vows to Avoid Int'l War Crimes Court
Report on West and East Timor
East Timor's Muslim minority assured of safe haven
Independence commander says militia threat remains

TNI's top brass 'abetted appalling violence' Aussie official
UN Challenge - How to Bring East Timor Back to Life
Wiranto may be charged with 'omission'
Armed militia stop U.N. access to W Timor camps on Fri.
Indon Frees 90 Political Prisoners, incl. Budiman Sujatmiko
Nobel Laureates Want Indon Generals To Face Tribunal
Security in W Timor refugee camps improving UNHCR
Sickly refugee tide swamps E Timor aid staff
World Bank Official Hopeful On Rebuilding East Timor
Yogyakarta mourns slain Father Tarcisius Dewanto
A New, But Devastated Beginning
Autonomy supporter joins independence leaders on E Timor council
Timor Leaders Vie For Power


Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

December 12 - 18
E Timorese family mourn aid worker believed killed by militias
East Timor's future judges seek justice
E Timorese Hope for Justice, but Jakarta Holds Back
Jordanian troops for E.Timor Unacceptable
Misunderstanding nearly causes loss of Timor seed grain
The Passage of Secrets Between Australia and Indonesia
Timor refugees still face harassment
Trusted Kopassus stooge may be feeling the heat
U.N. invites Indonesia's Wahid to East Timor
UN police in E Timor overwhelmed by militia murder cases
Conditions in West Timor
E.Timor Energy Reserves Are Sensitive Independence Issue
East Timor in urgent need of a newspaper
Hard lessons to be learned from East Timor
Land mines pose threat to Timor peace troops
Lodging a licence to print money, and a tax on Dili conscience
Muslims in East Timor reduced from 80,000 to 200
UN Commission on Timor Atrocities Recommends Continued Inquiry
Indon generals face trial for Timor atrocities
Grave fears for safety of 20,000 E Timorese still missing
Troop reinforcements flown to Timor border after kidnapping, murder
EU extends arms embargo against Indonesia
Evidence of more brutality haunts the house of death
Timorese Factions Are Key to Nationhood
New evidence of militia - TNI links revealed
Aitarak (Thorn) militia boss pledges not to disband group
Donors pledge $520 million for East Timor
Generals, Lawyers Face Off on Timor Abuses
Komnas HAM responds to TNI criticism of rights inquiry
Militia tries to sell looted goods back to victims
Murder charge bolsters Interfet get-tough policy
Timorese agree to set up reconciliation process
Thailand yet to decide on peace force

December 19 - 31

January 2000

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