Subject: List of army officers under scrutiny for crimes in E Timor

UN Human Rights Commission's list of Indonesian generals and officers under investigation for possible indictment. (Translated by TAPOL)

According to TNI Watch! the following Indonesian army officers are under scrutiny by the UN Human Rights Commission for crimes in East Timor, with a view to possible indictment before an International Tribunal. TNI Watch! says that it obtained the list from the Geneva office of the Commission.

JAKARTA, (TNI Watch!, 29/9/99).

1. Jenderal Wiranto (TNI commander in chief)
2. Jendral Soebagyo HS (army chief of staff)
3. Letjen Johny Lumintang (deputy army chief of staff)
4. Letjen Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (Territorial Affairs chief of staff of the armed forces)
5. Letjen Soegiono (General Affairs chief of staff of the armed forces)
6. Letjen Djamari Caniago (Commander of Kostrad)
7. Mayjen Kiki Syahnakri (Asop KASAD, Panglima Penguasa DaruratMiliter Timtim)
8. Mayjen Zacky Anwar Makarim (senior officer at TNI headquarters, not occupying a structural positionor official posting in East Timor)
9. Mayjen Sjafrie Sjamsudin (senior officer at TNI HQ, whose precise duties in E Timor during the ballor have not been identified)
10. Brigjen Gleny Kuripan (Indonesian Military Liaison officer accredited to the UN/ Unamet
11. Mayjen Adam Damiri (Commander of Regional Military Command IX Udayana)
12. Mayjen Sjahrir Ms (Commander of Kopassus)
13. Brigjen Mahidin Simbolon (chief of staff of IX Udayana)
14. Brigjen Amirul Isnaini (Wakil Asisten Pengamanan KSAD/ WakilPanglima Penguasa Darurat Militer Timtim)
15. Brigjen Tono Suratman (former commander of Korem in East Timor)
16. Kolonel Inf Pramono Edi Wibowo (Commander of Group V, Kopassus)
17. Kolonel Inf M. Noer Muis (Commander of Korem Dili)
18. Kolonel Inf Geerhan Lantara (Commander of Sektor A, Dili/ KomandanBrigif Linud 17/Kujang I Kostrad)
19. Kolonel Inf Anwar (Logistics Assistant of Kopassus/was commander of the Kopassus Special taskforce for intelligence in Dili, prior to the ballot)
20. Letnan Kolonel Inf Endar Priyanto (former commander in Dili)
21. Letnan Kolonel Inf Soejarwo (commander in Dili)
22. Letnan Kolonel Inf Burhanudin (commander in Bobonaro)
23. Letnan Kolonel Inf Sulastyo (former commander inManatuto)
24. Letnan Kolonel Art Lexi Herson (commander in Manatuto)
25. Letnan Kolonel Art Kamiso Miran (former commander in Ambeno)
26. Letnan Kolonel Inf Bambang Sungesti (commander in Ambeno)
27. Letkol Inf Asep Kuswani (commander in Liquica)
28. Letnan Kolonel Inf Gordon Siregar (commander in Baucau)
29. Letnan Kolonel Inf Adi Mulyono (chief of staff of Brigif Linud 17/Kujang IKostrad)
30. Kolonel (Pol) Timbul Silaen (Police chief of East Timor)
31. Letkol (Pol) S. Goeltom (Dili chief of police)

TNI Watch! writes that these officers now live in fear of the consequences of a UN decision to set up a commission of inquiry at the Human Rights Commission's recent Special Session in Geneva. It says that Generals Wiranto, Kiki Syahnakri, Zacky Anwar Makarim dan Sjafrie Sjamsudin in particular are shaking in their shoes over what may happen to them, after enjoying years of impunity.

One name on the list, Sjafrie Samsudin is known to have been involved in the Santa Cruz Massacre of November 1991, at which time he was intelligence commander of Kopassus, the crack unit of the army. (We would add that the same can be said of Colonel Geerhan Lantara - see our earlier posting. TAPOL)_____________TNI Watch! monitors promotions in the TNI, provides profiles and career curves of TNI officers, their involvement in crimes against humanity, TNI policy, use of arms, and suchlike issues.

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