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October 17 - 31

October 1 - 9
Bishop in western Timor urges U.N. mandate for all of Timor
UA18-99 Clergy killed
Portugal, E.Timorese Pledge Joint Reconstruction Effort
Another journalist killed in East Timor with clergy and church workers
Gusmao gets chief-of-state welcome in Lisbon
International inquiry team in East Timor will have five experts
Portugal, E.Timorese Pledge Joint Reconstruction Effort
Indonesian Generals Under Scrutiny
Interfet seals East-West Timor border crossings
Report from Waimori, E Timor - Discipline, dog and diarrhoea
Disease Rampant in West Timor Camps
Dr Murphy on serious health problems in East Timor
Indonesian army recruits training in Vermont
Media Release Oecusse - further killings
Annan proposes UN East Timor force of 8,950
Bishop Belo returns to vision "worse than hell"
The man who dared to say no to Suharto Bishop Belo
Belo Returns, Timor peacekeepers kill two militiamen
Guerrillas will disarm when Indonesian soldiers go - Xanana Gusmao
Indonesian military urges endorsement of East Timor vote
Interview with reviled militia leader Eurico Guterres
Irish Times 6th October - Xanana's visit
Militia defector names top generals involved
TNI is national and international disgrace
Troops entering Maliana hear reports of massacres
US ready to help E. Timor refugees return
AFR special report - What Asia really thinks of Australia
Crisis triggers dramatic slump in Aussie tourism to Indonesia
East Timor resistance seeks links with Portugal
Indonesia Plans Own E. Timor Inquiry Into War Crimes
Militia in ambush attack behind Timor atrocities
US-Trained Indonesians said to infiltrate Timor
Burma no different from East Timor
From Bullets to Ballots
Militiamen on rampage in W. Timor
UNHCR breakthrough in E Timor refugee repatriation - Ogata
US asks UN for trims in force for East Timor
WHO warns public health work in Timor will end if no new funds found
Cosgrove outlines three point plan to stabilise East Timor
Humanitarian officials air fears over refugee registration
Report from Suai - Refugees return to scenes of devastation
Home from horror camps

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October 16 - 23
Congressmen Want Indonesian Cadets Sent Home
Death revisits Timor house of horror
Indonesia Army Defectors Train Timor Militia
Jakarta Sets Up Inquiry Despite Distrust Abroad
List of army officers under scrutiny for crimes in E Timor
Rebuilding East Timor From Scratch
Refugees quizzed on war crimes New footage supports claims ofmassacre
TNI members 'ready to die with the PPI'
Bishop Belo preaches gospel of "justice before forgiveness"
East Timor looks to Timor Gap oil for revenue
Howard's real failure on Timor
Indon military `purges' militia to cover up atrocities
Jakarta's media fan flames of hatred
Steady Stream Of Intl Visitors Helps E Timor - Diplomats
U.S. official wants swift repatriation of refugees
We accepted the risk, now we accept the cost - Gusmao
WHO warns rains will bring mass outbreaks of epidemics in E. Timor
Timor Peacekeepers Accuse Indonesian Army
Wiranto Adopts Conciliatory Approach, Bids To Soothe Border Row
Ali Alatas, Habibie Urge Lawmakers To OK E Timor Independence
Australia opens talks with East Timorese leaders over oil
Bagpipes call Dili back to life
Militiamen Sneak Over Border To E Timor; Vow Resistance
UN Says 400,000 Missing Timorese In Mountains
Victims' friends show brutal killers the quality of mercy
Deported East Timorese return with tales of terror
Rains and militia hamper Timor aid effort
For UN and East Timor, a chance to start over
Interfet's resource problem
Indonesia team begins talks on handover of E Timor assets to UN
Massive children's immunization drive set to take off in Dili
No SE Asia Nation Can Lead UN Peacekeepers - Timor leader
What Happened to the Timorese?
Evidence of atrocities is there, but where is the UN team?

October 17 - 31

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