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Thank you! We did it! We have met our emergency fundraising goal. But ETAN still needs your support. Additional donations are always welcome and needed.

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network

August 2017

Emergency fundraising goals thermometerDear friend of ETAN,

ETAN is about to launch an exciting set of new projects and campaigns (see below), but we find ourselves without enough money in the bank to cover even our day-to-day expenses over the next few months. I'm writing to you with an urgent appeal for funds. We need to raise $3000 in the next few weeks and $8000 in the next 60 days -- please donate today.

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We're asking for your help because without it, we'll be unable to:
* Launch our planned program of presentations this fall in the New York area on human rights and other important issues concerning Indonesia, West Papua and Timor-Leste, featuring speakers like journalist Allan Nairn, West Papuan leader Octo Mote, activist Jill Sternberg, and ETAN co-founder Charles Scheiner. These talks will be made available on the web to serve as inspiration and resources.

"ETAN's actions and campaigns have always been based on the interests of the people, developed after consulting our civil society. Although ETAN’s annual budget is smaller than virtually every other international organization involved with our country, the work that they do is invaluable."
- José Ramos-Horta Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former President, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

* Publish the series of backgrounders we're preparing on key human rights cases from Indonesia and West Papua, cases that President Jokowi pledged to "resolve" during his term and on which no progress has been made. These factsheets will be available to anyone pressing for justice and accountability.

* Work to influence the administration (after recovering from the shock of the Trump presidency) and U.S. Congress to pressure Indonesia to end human rights violations in West Papua and throughout the archipelago.

* And in October, whatever the outcome of the UN mediation to establish a permanent maritime boundary between Australia and Timor-Leste., we'll be consulting with friends and partners in both countries about next steps to press for outcome that respects Timor-Leste's sovereignty and current international law and practice.

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This shortfall comes when we're in the midst of long-term planning, discussing ways to energize our work in solidarity with the peoples of Timor-Leste, Indonesia and West Papua. (Thank you to all who filled out our survey offering feedback and suggestions for our work.)

We know how much you depend on ETAN for information through our listservs, social media and website. These services and much else we would like to do are at risk. But with your help, ETAN has the opportunity to continue and expand our activities for human rights, justice and democracy.

"ETAN’s work remains essential, but it can only do its work with the active and generous support of people like you, who believe in human rights and in the right to self-determination, justice and accountability, and in social and economic justice for the people of East Timor and Indonesia."
- Noam Chomsky

We especially want to thank those of you who have given during the past year. We deeply appreciate your financial vote of confidence is us and our work. I hope that you can make an additional donation to carry us through the next few months.

The best way to assure ETAN can continue our important work is to become a sustainer and make a monthly donation, best done by credit card, but checks or automatic bank payments are also possible.

As always, in addition to any financial support, we welcome your words of encouragement, criticism and suggestions.

A luta continua,

John M. Miller
National Coordinator ETAN

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ETAN, PO Box 1663, New York, NY 10035-1663 USA

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Having campaigned for Timor-Leste's independence for many decades, and as President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste for the last five years, I know that ETAN has consistently supported our people during bad and good times."
Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, former President, Timor-Leste