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also Angola Observer Delegation report


The Portuguese Speaking Countries Community, CPLP, through its Observers Group, is very happy about the orderly and peaceful way the polling was held on the 30 August for the East Timor Constituent Assembly election and congratulates East Timorese people, the political parties, the authorities of the Transitional Administration and the United Nations for this fact.


During the observation work developed, the teams integrating the CPLP Group ­ which were located at Dili and Baucau, where the largest voters contingents of the Territory were located ­ were able to observe that the voting process took place without the occurrence of any events liable to put under any suspicion the electoral results.


The group was pleased to ascertain that voters showed a great degree of tolerance and respect for the political trends different from those of their preference, thus revealing their wish to consolidate and reinforce peace and to respect peaceful inter-relationships and the citizens’ fundamental rights.


All these facts are clear proof of East Timor people’s political maturity, who, considering the historical circumstances that the Territory is living and the political hardships it went through quite recently, offered the world an example of tolerance and respect for the difference.


Therefore, CPLP’s Observers Group congratulates once more, all people responsible for this statement of democratic faith and for the success of the electoral process, namely the political parties, the Transitional Administration, the international Community and, especially East Timorese people ­ the reason and the driving force of East Timor Independence process.


Finally, CPLP’s Observers Group wishes that the ballot counting process will be done in the same orderly and peaceful way, which characterized the polling process, and will keep on observing the counting process on the above referred districts.


Dili, 30 August 2001.



DILI, 31 August 2001


1. A representation from the Republic of Angola was present since 24 August to attend and observe the electoral process for the election of East Timor Constituent Assembly, and will stay till 7 September 2001.


2. The delegation was presided by Member of Parliament BORNITO DE SOUSA, majority Parliamentary Leader and Vice-President of Angola Constitutional Committee and is constituted by Member of Parliament EMILIO HOMEM, Member of the Friendship and Solidarity Group with the East Timorese people, Ambassador FRANCISCO ROMĂO, from the Angola External Relations Ministry and Messrs. JAIME PINTO and PEDRO TITO, National Director for International Interchange and Head of the Documentation and Information Centre of the Territory’s Administration Ministry, respectively.


3. Angola was also represented in CPLP’s International Observers Group.


4. The elections were also followed up by the delegates of the competing Political Parties, by National Observers and by approximately 500 members of 50 International Observers Groups representing organizations from approximately 46 countries from all regions of the world, as well as the diplomatic representations installed in Dili.


5. The elections took place, as planned, on 30 August, in a highly civic, calm and orderly environment and with a massive affluence of voters to the Polling Centres, which confirms the wish for Independence already expressed, two years ago, through the popular polling.


6. The Angola observers visited a total of 14 Polling Centres and approximately 61 Polling Stations, in the District of Dili.


7. The Polling Centres and polling Stations were all the time open to the National and International Observers, as well as to the Political Parties representative and all the electoral process was largely covered by the Press.


8. The access of the Political Parties and the Press was observed during the electoral Campaign.


The confidential character of the counting process was respected and the electoral material present was of good quality and sufficient quantity.


10. The procedures regarding the Polling Stations’ opening, the polling itself, the closing of the Stations and the counting process were generally complied with.


11. There were minimal flaws, slight delays and technical errors that were promptly corrected or recorded, the general feeling being that these flaws and errors do not put at risk the general results nor the integrity or transparency of the elections.


12. Besides, the presence at all moments of the competing Parties representatives and of the National and International Observers and the rigor applied by the Independent Electoral Commission leave no space for a different conclusion.


13. Under these terms, the delegation of Observers from the Republic of Angola expresses the opinion that the election on 30 August for the East Timor Constituent Assembly reached a high level, classifies it as GOOD and considers it to have been FREE, FAIR and VERIFIED.


14. However, it considers that democracy does not end with the election and therefore appeals to the International Institutions and Community, the neighboring countries, as well as to the East Timor political forces to contribute and participate in the future efforts of reconstruction and edification and consolidation of the political, economical, social and cultural democracy of East Timor and, mostly, for the Independence process and for the regional stability maintenance.


15. The Delegation of Observers from the republic of Angola salutes the People of East Timor, felicitates the election’s winning Party and salutes the Opposition Parties for the brilliant and civilized dispute shown during the election, as well as the international institutions involved in the process organization and in guaranteeing the safety and stability and awaits anxiously for the day on which East Timor will be formally admitted as the eight Independent Country of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community ­ CPLP.


- Done in Dili, East Timor, on the 31st day of the month of August of the year 2001.-




Member of Parliament