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Constâncio Pinto, leader of the civilian underground in East Timor in 1991, helped organize the peaceful demonstration where Indonesian troops massacred over 250 demonstrators in the presence of foreign journalists. Co-author (with Matthew Jardine) of East Timor’s Unfinished Struggle: Inside the Timorese Resistance,  he is the National Council of East Timorese Resistance (CRNT) representative to the United Nations and the United States. CRNT is the umbrella organization of East Timorese resistance groups.

From January 1998 to September 1998, Constâncio will be working full time for ETAN and with Global Exchange on a speaking tour describing  his personal experiences and explaining why the East Timorese continue to resist and to seek a just and peaceful settlement to the conflict. If you are interested in having him speak in your community, please contact ETAN/US.

Demonstration at Santa Cruz
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