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subscribe today to the east-timor listservThe east-timor list distributes news and analysis from a wide range of sources, including East Timorese groups, ETAN, and other support groups. Reports and translations from wire services and the Timor-Leste, Indonesian, Portuguese, Australian, U.S. and other media also regularly appear there, along with official documents and statements from the U.N. and its agencies, national governments, and elsewhere. (The east-timor list began as a list server echo of a conference (newsgroup) called reg.easttimor and is sometimes known by that name.) The number of postings (e-mails) can vary, averaging 10-15 per day, depending on the pace of East Timor-related events and coverage.

A weekly selection of news items can be found at: A complete archive from Jan. 2001 to mid-February 2006 is available at A current archive can be found at

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