Statement from The East Timor Justice Lobby, Australia
to the United Nations Special Committee on the Situation with Regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to the Colonial Countries and Peoples (Special Committee of 24)

Dear Mr Chairman and Committee Members,

The statement from The East Timor Justice Lobby is being expressed through questions. We address the members of the committee personally and we would sincerely appreciate your responding to the questions with deep consideration:

The United Nations Decolonization Committee has been hearing petitions for 21 years on the tragedy of East Timor;

Has any member present here today visited East Timor?

Are there plans for a visit in the near future?

Are any members on the Committee victims of torture?

Are your children actively involved in the liberation of their country from illegal and brutal occupation?

Are you unable to vouch for the safe whereabouts of your children at this present moment?

Are your children in danger of unlawful military abductions?

Are any of your children at this present moment in a military prison being brutally tortured?

Do your children have cigarette scars on their body from torture?

Has your child been beaten by the military so that he or she is unrecognisable?

Has your wife been raped by the military?

Does the humiliation of being raped make your wife weep quietly to herself?

Do your daughters avoid medical clinics for fear of covert sterilization?

Do you and your family live in perpetual fear of military reprisals for your commitment to the rights laid down in the UN Charter and Declaration of Human Rights?

If you have answered NO to the above questions which reflect the daily, we repeat daily, reality of East Timorese families, can you honestly justify after 21 years of inaction the role of the Decolonization Committee?

Can you, with integrity, given the immense suffering of the people of East Timor, due in part to the inaction by the United Nations, justify your own employment and the concomitant privileges of a life of comfort, safety and security while the people the Decolonization Committee was implemented to protect continue to suffer?

What constructive, immediate and urgent action will you as Committee Members take to rectify the illegal occupation of East Timor?

We look forward to the resumption of a fair and just decolonization process for East Timor.

Thank You

Submitted by Dr Vaclava Vlazna, Coordinator

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