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INGE, Mr. VIS, and personnel have been threatened and injured; asing violence by armed militia groups, backed by the Indonesian military, designed to intimidate the population, has led to the withdrawal of United Nations staff from the towns of Liquica and Mal

(2) expresses its concern about the unabated escalating violence in East Timor;

(3) urges the Indonesian Government to guarantee the protection of United Nations staff members assisting in the prepa

(B) disarming paramiment of its responsibilities under the terms of the May 5 agreementhe return of exiled East Timorese and securing their safety;

(5) endorses the purpose of the United Nations Assistance Mission in East Timor to carry out a free and fair vote; and

(6) encourages the Admited Natinited tions personnel and to better supervise the vote in East Timor.

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