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Join ETAN's Lobby Days 2002

Sunday, June 9 to Tuesday, June 11
Washington, DC

East Timor is free, you say. What is left to do? International support for East Timor is still crucial, especially given the current political climate. Here are three good reasons the world¹s newest country needs you to come to Washington:

Economic Justice and Sustainable Development ­ The UN is rapidly scaling down its presence and international attention is fading as the first independent East Timorese government takes charge. Yet the country remains devastated and the vast majority of the population lives in poverty. There is a substantial financing gap which, if not filled with grants, could force the world¹s newest country into debt. International financial institutions and some in the Bush administration would like to see East Timor follow in the footsteps of many poor countries, and consequently become mired in a cycle of debt and poverty. We must ensure that the U.S. supports sustainable, environmentally-sound, and socially just development.

International Tribunal­ The East Timorese people have yet to see justice for 24 years of war crimes. The Bush administration may very well use current sham trials on East Timor in Jakarta to oppose further accountability for human rights violations. We must continue to push for an international tribunal on East Timor.

Pentagon Aggression and Military Engagement ­ In the current atmosphere of increased militarization, the Pentagon has already succeeded in securing funding for a new "counter-terrorism" center that will likely train Indonesian military personnel. The Bush Administration is also working to expand other forms of engagement with the Indonesian military. Crucial congressional restrictions on military aid to Indonesia are less secure now than ever before.

Your voice is needed now to stop U.S. backsliding on human rights in the region and to support a positive future for East Timor! Face-to-face lobbying in Washington by ETAN activists has been invaluable in the struggle over the years. The results are visible, and we must build on them. A luta continua!

For more information on Lobby Days 2002 and how you can participate, please contact ETAN¹s Washington Coordinator Karen Orenstein, , 202-544-6911.