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Groups urge Indonesian cooperation with UN Commission of Experts

April 4, 2005

Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Republic of Indonesia
Via Facsimile: +62 21 3452685/ 5268726/ 3457782

Dear President Yudhoyono,

It was with great dismay that we received news that your government has not yet issued visas to Justice Prafullachandra Bhagwati of India, Professor Yozo Yokota of Japan, and Ms. Shaista Shameem of Fiji. These three eminent persons comprise the members of the Commission of Experts appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General to review the justice processes in Indonesia and East Timor.

With Indonesia currently chairing the United Nations Human Rights Commission, this is an ideal time for your country to take the lead in promoting and protecting human rights in Southeast Asia. It is inexplicable that, instead of demonstrating a clear commitment to human rights on the world stage, the government is instead expressing less than full cooperation regarding the Secretary-Generalís own distinguished representatives.

We urge you to grant the three commissioners their visas and extend them full cooperation, including: (a) freedom of movement throughout Indonesia; (b) free access to all relevant documents, including those in possession of investigative, prosecutorial, and judicial institutions; (c) freedom to meet and interview all persons in possession of information considered necessary by the Commission; and (d) appropriate security arrangements that do not restrict the Commissionís freedom of movement, as is required under the Commissionís terms of reference set out by the Secretary-General.


John M. Miller, Coordinator
East Timor Action Network
Kenneth Roth, Executive Director
Human Rights Watch

Juan E. Mendez , President
International Center for Transitional Justice

Charles Scheiner, Secretariat
International Federation for East Timor

Nina Bang-Jensen, Executive Director
Coalition for International Justice 

James A. Goldston, Executive Director
Open Society Justice Initiative


 Cc: H.E. Mr. Rezlan Ishar Jenie, Permanent Representative to the United Nations; Dr. Makarim Wibisono, Chair of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights; Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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