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Office of Timor-Leste NGO Forum (FONGTIL), Caicoli, Dili, Timor-Leste

Alliance Continues to Struggle for Justice
The Timor-Leste National Alliance for an International Tribunal (ANTI) is an advocacy network which includes student groups, families of victims, non-governmental organizations, and individual who interest in justice.

This network was formed in July 2002, to campaign for and demand justice for the victims and for all the people of Timor-Leste.

Crimes committed by Indonesian security forces and their militias in Timor-Leste in 1999 were crimes against humanity, therefore all the perpetrators of these crimes should be brought before a fair and credible court. This conclusion is already embodied in article 161 of the RDTL Constitution as well as in international law.

Therefore, the Alliance for International Tribunal struggles against all international, regional and national actions which obstruct justice. As we struggle for justice, the Alliance has faced many obstacles including the absence of political will for justice among many people in authority. They prefer to promote good relations through friendship and reconciliation, reaching out to people with blood on their hands who have yet to face justice.

Based on this reason ANTI held three days of Strategic Planning on 20-22 March 2007, resulting in this joint declaration that ANTI will continue to:
“Struggle for an International Tribunal with the objective to provide justice which is fair for all the people of Timor-Leste, especially for the victims, and to reject totally all attitudes and policies which promote impunity in Timor-Leste and anywhere in the world.”

The Alliance for International Tribunal demands:

International Community:
  • The UN must not wash its hands of the problem of crimes against humanity 1999 in Timor-Leste, because UN accepted responsibility to facilitate the popular consultation here and gave security responsibility to the Indonesian government.
  • The UN Security Council should immediately follow up the recommendations from UN Commission of Experts.
  • The permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council should support justice rather than legitimize the criminals and promote impunity in the world.
  • We ask the United States, Australia, England, Indonesia, which supported Indonesia’s invasion of Timor-Leste, to face the court and make reparation to the victims.
  • We ask for support from community and regional and international solidarity organizations.
The State of Timor-Leste
  • The National Parliament should enact a resolution to implement the final report of CAVR, following the normal process to enact legislation in Timor-Leste.
  • We ask the National Parliament and the President of the Republic to review the context of draft Amnesty/Clemency which is currently being debated in the plenary of Parliament, and not to pass or promulgate it. This law itself will promote impunity and ignore justice which the people of Timor-Leste demand.
  • The state needs to define policies which can support the victims of 1999, rather than worry about their own well-being as in the pension laws for ex-Parliamentarians and ex-office-holders.
  • We ask to the public to support ANTI in the struggle for fair justice for all the people of Timor-Leste. Based on ANTI’s observation, crimes continue to be committed in Timor-Leste, because the state lacks the political will to establish justice. For example, the main perpetrators of crimes against humanity in 1999 remain unpunished and there is no adequate mechanism to address them. Injustice continues because there is no process to bring those who committed them to justice.
  • We ask to the public to urge all the presidential candidates who are now campaigning to prioritize justice the most important factor in moving our country forward.
  • We ask this not only of candidates for president, but also for the national parliament election.
  • To all our victims, we must not be tired or give up the fight for our rights and for fair justice for everyone.
Dili, 22 March 2007

Members of National Alliance for an International Tribunal:

·         Student Representatives: Sisto do Santos & Francisco Mariano
·         Representatives of Victims’ Families: Maria Afonso & Edio Saldanha
·         Representatives of Non Governmental Organizations: Yasinta Lujina, La’o Hamutuk & Nugroho Kacasungkana, Instituto Educasaun Popular

see also Human Rights, Accountability & Justice page


Knua FONGTIL, Caicoli Dili, Timor Leste
Aliansi Kontinua Luta ba Justisa

Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional nudar rede advokasia neebe forma hosi Estudantes, Familia vitima, ONG no individu neebe interese ba justica.

Aliansi hamriik iha fulan Julho de 2002, no halao kampanya hodi ijiji atu bele iha justica neebe justo ba vitima no povu Timor Leste tomak.

Kazu neebe akontese iha pasadu 1999, nudar kazu krime kontra humanidade, tanba nee autor sira neebe komete krimi tenki prosesu liu hosi Tribunal neebe forte no kredibel. Rajaun nee konsagra ona iha Konstitusaun RDTL artigu 161, nomos lei internasional sira seluk.

Tan nee mak Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional luta hodi kontra kualker decizaun Internasional, Regional ou Nasional neebe hakarak impata justica ba vitima sira.

Iha prosesu luta ba justica, Aliansi infrenta obstaklu boot mak “laiha politika neebe diak hosi ukun nain sira kona ba justica” no promove liu relasaun diak, amizade no rekonsiliasaun hodi valoriza liman ran, ibun ran neebe mak to’o agora seidauk sei livre hela hosi justica.

Ho razaun nee mak liu hosi Planu Strategia Aliansi Nasional ba Tribunal Internasional, ba dala tolu neebe halao iha loron 20-22 de Marco de 2007, hamosu deklarasaun konjunta mak hanesan tuir mai nee.

Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional sei ejiste hodi

“Luta nafatin ba tribunal internasional ho objetivu atu bele iha justica neebe justo ba povu timor leste liu-liu vitima sira no rejeita total kualker atitude ou politika hodi haburas impunidade iha Timor Leste.”

Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional Ijiji :

Komunidade Internasional :

  1. ONU labele Fase liman ba problema krime kontra humanidade neebe akontese iha Timor Leste 1999, tanba UN mak hola fasilita no responsabiliza konsulta popular no fo responsabilidade siguranca ba governo Indonesia.
  2. Konselho Siguranca ONU atu lalais follow up rekomendasaun relatoriu komisaun ekspertu ONU nian.
  3. Husu ba membru konselho siguranca permanente no la permanente, atu apoia ba justica duke valoriza kriminozu no hodi haburas impunidade iha mundo.
  4. Husu responsabilidade Estadus Unidus, Inglatera, Indonesia atu responsabiliza hahalok hodi suporta invazaun Indonesia nian iha Timor Leste, hatan liu hosi tribunal no kria kondisaun hodi halo reparasaun ba vitima sira.
  5. Husu apoia komunidade/organizasaun solidaridade rejional no internasional
Estado Timor Leste
  • Parlamento Nasional atu hasai rezolusaun hodi follow relatoriu final CAVR nian tuir prosesu formal tuir lei neebe vigor iha Timor Leste.
  • Husu ba Parlamento Nasional, Prezidente Republika, atu hare fila fali kontiudu Lei Amnestia no klemensia neebe agora dadauk, sei iha plenaria Parlamento hodi labele ratifika no promulga. Tanba lei nee rasik atu haburas kroiminoju no halakon justica neebe povu Timor Leste ijiji.
  • Preciza defini politika estado hodi favorese vitima sira liu hosi kompensasaun no reparasaun ba vitima 1999, duke preokupasaun ba Ukun nain sira nia an rasik hanesan “Lei pensaun ba Parlamento Nasional no Eis Titulares Orgaun soberanu”.
  • Husu ba publika atu hamutuk ho Aliansi Nasional hodi luta no dudu atu bele iha justica ida neebe justo ba povu Timor Leste tomak. Tanba tuir observasaun Aliansi Nasional ba Tribunal Internasional, krimi neebe buras iha Timor Leste tanba Estado laiha politika ida neebe diak kona ba Justica. Ezemplo Kazu krimi kontra Humanidade iha tinan 1999, agora sei abandona hela no laiha mekanismu ida diak hodi rezolve. Injustica nee akontese bebeik tanba laiha prosesu ba ema sira neebe komete krimi iha pasadu.
  • Husu ba publiku atu ejiji ba kandidatura Prezidente nian neebe agora atu hahu kampanya bele koloka justica hanesan fator determinante ida hodi dudu prosesu nee ba oin.
  • Laos deit ba kandidatura prezidente nian maibe refere mos eleisaun parlamento Nasional.
  • Ba maluk vitima sira atu lalika baruk hodi luta ba direitu atu hetan justica ida neebe justo ba ita hotu.
Dili, 22 de Marco de 2007

Membru Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste ba Tribunal Internasional
Reprezentante Estudantes:
  1. Sisto do Santos
  2. Francisco Mariano
Reprezentante Familia Vitima :
  1. Maria Afonso
  2. Edio Saldanha
Reprezentante ONG:
  1. Yasinta Lujina, La’o Hamutuk
  2. Nugroho Kacasungkana, Instituto Educasaun Popular

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