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A statement by Indonesian rights groups

We fully support every form of effort that will be carried out by the U.S. President Barack Obama to close Guantanamo as a torture facility within his first 100 days. The torture system created by the Bush administration in Guantanamo has made a global anomaly given that the U.S. is a great nation which highly respects the values of humanity and civilisation. Torture against the terrorist suspect, however, has vanished the international obligation which is always echoed by the U.S.


Torture and other ill treatment is definitely not a global contemporary politic culture, and so is the terrorism as an intolerable crime for whatsoever reasons. Fighting terrorism with similar crime, however, will only be resulting in a contra productive approach. By closing one of the international torture facilities, the U.S. therefore has returned the moral values to a place where it truly belongs, just like a civilised nation which highly respects the dignity of humanity.

To close Guantanamo as a torture facility is the first step that needs to be taken by Barack Obama so as to reveal similar human rights violation occurred in the U.S.'s secret detention facility in other places, such as Afghanistan, the British Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, and East Europe. Additionally, this effort can be a positive example for the U.S. to contribute in abolishing torture around the world. Torture on the one hand is expressed as a kind of crimes against humanity. Ironically, torture in one hand has been regarded as one of the crime falls under the category of jus cogens which also prohibited even in times of war, but in the other hand torture is still widely practised all over the world, including in Indonesia, especially to the suspects and detainees.

In Indonesia, the history of torture has been extensively taken place. Arbitrary detention of hundreds of thousands after the tragedy of 1965 - 1966 has become a dark history of torture which brings social and national politics implication. Indonesian civil societies are still and keep on struggling so that all forms of torture will never happen again. What has been done by the government of the U.S. is denounced not only because it was a systematic human rights violation but it could also be a bad example for other government throughout the world. Torture regime can justify that because such practice is committed by the U.S., thus other party can not complaint their bad record of human rights within their respective country. In the context of this "War on Terror" has been prejudice and undermine the process of world peace.

A Letter from Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

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It is about time that change we hope from Barack Obama has global political steps to restore the human dignity which has been systemically violated by the U.S. President Obama must prove his promise as stated in the speech: Equality aspect must covered all human rights and encourage world peace. Therefore, we, The Indonesian Youth for Humanity, hereby urge the U.S. President Barack Obama to realise his international political promise to close the so-called "War on Terror" Prison Camp as a concrete step to rebuild peace and protect human rights. We also urge that the U.S. President Barack Obama to stop every form of facility, funding, and military infrastructure given by the U.S. in the recent war between nations like is now taking place in Gaza, Palestine. Specifically we demand the United Nations to participate in solving the various humanitarian conflict that involves torture practices in every part of the world.

Jakarta, 21 January 2009

The Indonesian Youth for Humanity

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