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Interested in observing Timor-Leste's 2012 Parliamentary elections?

Dear Friends of Timor-Leste,


ETAN’S Solidarity Observer Project will focus on the coming parliamentary election in Timor-Leste. President Ramos-Horta and other leaders have stated that international observers are welcome and their presence is encouraged. While the exact date for the parliamentary election will not be announced until after a new President is elected, it is very likely to be during the last week in June.

Some observers will be needed before June in order to observe the electoral preparation and campaign period. The bulk of observers will be needed for one to two weeks immediately preceding and following the voting. Depending upon the actual election date, that period could extend into mid-July. An ongoing team will do follow-up reporting, evaluation, and closing of the project during July-August.

ETAN will help find housing for volunteers coming from outside Timor-Leste, but we must ask our observers to cover their own expenses, including international travel, visas, food, and a contribution toward the housing cost.

If you wish to apply to be an ETAN Observer for the parliamentary election, please e-mail us a note of your interest to, then download and return the Application Questionnaire: Word file, PDF file. Please read it thoroughly before completing it; it includes estimated costs of participation as well as other requirements.

Please use additional pages as necessary to complete the Application Questionnaire, and return it to by Monday, APRIL 30, 2012.

When you have completed and returned the Application Questionnaire, please go to the following page to download the Code of Conduct for project participants; a Release of Liability form, releasing ETAN and the project from any liability; and a Medical Release form to be signed by your doctor. Please note that, by returning the Application Questionnaire, you are affirming your intent, should you be accepted by the project:

1) to sign and agree to the Code of Conduct and the Release of Liability, and that you understand that you will be asked either to bring these signed documents with you when you come to Timor-Leste, or will sign them in the presence of project staff upon your arrival;

2) to bring with you to Timor-Leste the signed Medical Release form.

We are in still in urgent need of funds to cover this project’s costs and make it a success. If you have any ideas about funding sources who might be interested in supporting ETAN’s Solidarity Observer Project 2012 – please share them with us!

Please contact us, if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Executive Committee

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network

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