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Found Buried Deep in the Archives Part 2

ETAN's team of crack researchers found this "thank you postcard" buried deep in the archives. The Indonesian military thanks the mining company Freeport McMoRan for its support. The feeling is no doubt mutual. 

 TNI writes Freeport a note of thanks.

Graphic from Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING

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The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) advocates for democracy, justice and human rights for Timor-Leste, West Papua and Indonesia. In 2012, the government of the Democratic Republic Timor-Leste awarded ETAN the Order of Timor (Ordem Timor) for its role in the liberation of the country. More information about ETAN can be found at: 

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Congratulations to The Act of Killing on its Oscar Nomination
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Freeport's Grasberg mine in West Papua. Credit: Panos Pictures/Rob Huibers.  

West Papua Report: Divestment in Freeport-McMoRan Continues by Ed McWilliams, November 2013

ETAN: Statement for Phoenix Occupy Freeport Demonstration February 2012

West Papua Advocacy Team: Impunity at the Freeport Gold & Copper Mine:Will Indonesian Security Forces Get Away with It Again? July 23, 2009

Statement on the operations of the Freeport McMoRan Mine in West Papua, Indonesia: Submitted by the West Papua Advocacy Team and ETAN for the hearing on Extracting Natural Resources: Corporate Responsibility and the Rule of Law before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law, September 24, 2008

Joyo News/Pantau Exclusive Report: Murder at Mile 63; Media Release, April 9, 2007

Jakarta Post: General Confirms Freeport Payments, December 29, 2005

Global Witness: Paying for Protection: The Freeport mine and Indonesian security forces, 2005

Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua: Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control A paper prepared for the Indonesia Human Rights Network by the Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic Yale Law School, April 2004, PDF

In These Times: With Friends Like These; Kissinger does Indonesia by Terry J. Allen. April 17, 2000

The West Papua Report (monthly)

The World Bank gave $30 billion to a dictator who killed 1 million. From projection on World Bank hq. Photo by Dakota Bell.  

East Timor and Indonesian Action Network projects the Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING on World Bank headquarters

Statement by Komnas Ham (National Commission For Human Rights) on the Results of Its Investigations into Grave Violation of Human Rights During the Events of 1965 -1966

TAPOL: Indonesia’s Unresolved Mass Murders

Accountability for Suharto’s Crimes Must Not Die With Him, also Bahasa Indonesia; Tetum  

ETAN: Backgrounder on Life and Career Suharto, also Bahasa Indonesia: Tentang Soeharto

Jubilee USA and ETAN Challenge World Bank to Address Roots of Corruption by Canceling Indonesia's Suharto-Era Debt

postcard from World Bank, found deep in the archives Postcard to ExxonMobil, found deep in the archives. #taok latest postcard from the deep archives This one a thanks to Time Magazine



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