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March 1999

Former U.S. Secretary of State is out promoting his new memoir on his service during the Gerald Ford administration. The book, Years of Renewal, contains no mention of East Timor. While Indonesia is listed some half a dozen times in the index, these refer only to mentions of the planned or finished trip to the region. No mention is made of what actually happened during the December 6 visit he made with Ford to Indonesia when they gave the go ahead for Indonesia to invade East Timor. Neither is there mention of the announced cut off of weapons to Indonesia, the flow of which was soon after resumed, or of the genocide that resulted from the invasion.

Protests were held in New York and Washington at appearances by Kissinger (keep an eye out to see if he is coming to your town). In New York, a coalition of groups (ETAN, War Resisters League and groups focused on Chile and Latin America) picketed outside a Barnes and Noble bookstore, while about 8 people went inside with their hands painted red and wearing Kissinger masks. They were allowed to remain in the audience -- both standing and sitting -- with hands raised throughout Kissinger's less than enlightening talk.

In Washington, about a dozen members and friends (including two visiting East Timorese) of the East Timor Action Network picketed outside the National Press Club, joined by one participant wearing a paper mache Kissinger mask. Kissinger (the real war criminal) walked passed the picket line to enter the building. Questions from the audience were pre-screened.

Look for Kissinger coming to your town and write letters to the editor response to reviews of the book as they appear.

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