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Cabral Announces Brookline's Adoption of a Resolution Supporting the People of East Timor

From: Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral
Date: May,29,1998 Contact: Alves J. Medeiros, Legislative Aide

Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral (D-New Bedford) announced that on 27 May 1998 the Town Brookline, at its Town Meeting, voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution in support of H.4575, An Act Regulating State Contracts With Companies Doing Business With Or In Indonesia. Members of the Town Meeting voted 179 to 4 to adopt the resolution and to direct the Town Administrator to forward copies of the resolution to the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C. and to President Habibie of Indonesia in Jakarta. "The Town of Brookline is the first community in the United States to take action regarding East Timor, This is a tremendous victory for the people of East Timor," said Rep. Cabral.

In addition to Rep. Antonio Cabral, Estelle Katz, Advisory Board, Don Weitzman, Selectman, John Bassett, Advisory Board, Gary Jones, Sponsor and Town Committee Member, and Allan Nairn, a journalist who was at the Massacre in Dili, at the Santa Cruz Cemetery in 1991, where more than 270 young East Timorese were murdered, voiced their support for the resolution. "I'm glad that the people of Brookline understood the magnitude of the problem and stood up with an exemplary vote," said Rep. Cabral who addressed the members.

Representative Cabral was deeply moved by the action of the members in adopting the resolution, "I believe that Brookline will be forever in the hearts of the East Timorese people for being the first community in the United States to support a people's basic human right to self-determination. I am hopeful this will spark other communities in the Commonwealth to take similar action," said Rep. Cabral.