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East Timorese youth protest East Timor Background

Bring the East Timorese Home - A Fact Sheet (January 2000)

Background on East Timor and U.S. Policy
Indonesian Invasion and repression
Arms Sales and Military Training
United Nations
Self-determination for East Timor
The Clinton Administration
Indonesia’s Crisis
The current situation

U.S. Policy Toward East Timor Through 11/97 (detailed)
East Timor: an inconsistent case of U.S. policy Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 6, 1999

Congressional Hearing, 5/17/98  (290KB Zip file)

Democracy Now RealAudio programs - enter "East Timor" in Webactive's search engine

   Santa Cruz Massacre
Allan Nairn Witnessed Dili Massacre

International Declaration calling for an end to military support for Indonesia

East Timor Maps
East Timorese and Indonesian Terms and Important Names

1996 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to 2 East Timorese
A Time for Justice Bishop Bello
Catholic Church on East Timor

New Timorese Flag

Rebuilding East Timor: Cooperation in Recovering from Destruction (November, 1999)

Henry Kissinger and friends

Glossary of Key East Timorese and Indonesian Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations





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