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International Declaration Calling for an Immediate End to Any and All Forms of Military Support for Indonesia

For the last three decades, the Suharto regime has ruled Indonesia through brutal force. With imported weapons and foreign training, the military has suppressed democratic reform and intimidated the Indonesian people by murdering, torturing, or arresting those who challenge Suharto's reign of terror.

The Suharto regime extended its domination and control when it invaded and annexed the nation of East Timor over twenty years ago. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch/Asia, and the Catholic Church estimate that more than 200,000 women, men and children have died as a result of the continued illegal occupation. Despite numerous UN resolutions calling for Indonesia's withdrawal from East Timor, world support and military assistance for the regime has spread.

We, the undersigned, call for an immediate end to any and all forms of military support for Indonesia. We demand that the governments of the world stop the export of military goods, technology, and training; cease issuing or honoring arms export permits; and publicly announce a formal arms embargo with Indonesia. We commit to using all available economic, diplomatic, and political channels to prevent any instruments of death from reaching the murderous hands of the Suharto regime.

(Signed by 40+ international participants at the 1997 Oporto Conference on East Timor)



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