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Contact information for key officials involved in Timor-Leste (East Timor) and Indonesia

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Current Action Alerts

Past Alerts (no longer active)

Reject Wiranto as Coordinating Minister Sign ETAN's petition: Tell Jokowi indicted war criminal Wiranto is not fit to be Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security Affairs. Graphic by LBH Jakarta.
WRITE Your Senators to Co-Sponsor S.Res. 273 on Indonesia
Write your Senators to Support S. Res. 273 on Indonesia

Sign ETAN's petition.

Subscribe ETAN's Key Contact List: ETAN action alerts, media releases, news and other resources

Urge UN Secretary-General to Act for Justice for East Timor

Take Action on Timor Sea

Stop Human Rights Violations in Papua. Sign ETAN petition. Tell Obama to support human rights for West Papua when he meets Indonesia's President Joko Widodo

Sign ETAN's Petition

Free Papua Political Prisoners
Support the Appeal of Filep Karma's Daughter
Sign the petition

Papua Political Prisioner Filep Karma with his daughter AudryneSarwo Edhie is NEVER a Hero!



TAPOL Urgent Action: Fears for Papuan activists (2012)

Don't Let the Bankers Occupy Dili! Support a Debt-Free Timor-Leste (2011-12)

Stop the anti-union attacks: Support Mandiri bank workers in Dili

Human Rights First Alert: A Guilty Verdict but the Search for Munir's Killers Continues; Urge President Yudhoyono to ensure the identification and prosecution of those responsible for the conspiracy to murder Munir

ETAN ALERT: Call Congress to support Human Rights in Papua

Protest Bush’s Unlimited Military "Aid" to Indonesia, Military’s Victims Betrayed as Secretary Rice Lifts All Restrictions; Printable PDF versiont

Urge your representative in Congress to sign the letter urging the release of West Papuan political prisoners Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage.

ETAN & West Papua Advocacy Team: Urge Indonesia to Remove Indicted Officer from West Papua 

Take Action for justice on November12 anniversary of Santa Cruz massacre

Fax the U.S. Ambassador to the UN on Justice
Fax the UN on Justice for Timor-Leste

TAKE ACTION: Tell the U.S. and Australia to Support a Unified UN Mission in Timor-Leste

U.S. Must Support Strong UN Mission in Timor-Leste; Sample letters to the editor

Support Workers Occupying Securicor Indonesia HQ, Appeal for Global Support

Contact Congress to Support Democracy & Peace in E. Timor

Urge Congress to Continue & Expand Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance. Print out and distribute leaflet

Tell Australia to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future!

Support Justice for Murdered Indonesian Activist Munir; Contact Your Representative to Sign Congressional Letter Today (September-October 2005)

Signatures needed on House and Senate letters to support justice for East Timor  (June-July 2005)

Signatures Needed on House Letter Opposing More Aid for Indonesian Military - Call your Representative today! (Spring 2005)

Join ETAN's 12th Annual Advocacy Days, Come to Washington, June 12-14; National Call-In Days: Tell Congress You Oppose Aid to the Indonesian Military

Bush Must Not Use Tsunami to Strengthen Indonesian Military;Congress Must Keep Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military Download and distribute PDF leaflet. (January-February 2005)

Question the Candidates: Election 2004 & East Timor and Indonesia

Call Your Representative Today to Sign Letter to Powell to Say “NO” to New Financing for Indonesian Military (September-October 2004)

Call Your Representative Today to Sign the Letter on US Assistance to Indonesian Military (July 2004)

Two House Letters – on Justice for East Timor and on US Assistance to Indonesian Military; One Senate Letter – on a UN Special Representative to Indonesia (June 2004)

Contact Your Representative to Sign a Congressional Letter Urging Australia to Negotiate Fairly with East Timor (March 2004)

Co-Sponsors Needed to Support Peace and Human Rights in Aceh (November 2003)

ETAN Alert: Demand Justice for East Timor! Tell the Bush Administration to Support an International Tribunal for East Timor (August 2003)

IHRN Alert: Tell Congress - U.S. Weapons Should Not Be Used Against the People of Aceh (May-June 2003)

 Call Today through March 3; Contact Your Representative to Sign a Congressional Letter Urging Australia to Negotiate Fairly with East Timor  (February 2004)

ALERT: Senate and House Letters Demand End to Military Campaign in Aceh and Justice for East Timor; Call Your Senators and Representatives Today to Sign on to Letters (June 2003)

As Jakarta Trials End, U.S. Must Support Real Justice for East Timor! (April 2003)

Month for Justice for East Timor (March 2003)

Support East Timor's NGOs (November 2002)

Support U.S. Nurse and UK Academic Detained in Aceh (November 2002)

Stop the Resumption of U.S. Military Training for Indonesia! Human Rights Restrictions on IMET Training Must Be Maintained August 2002

Support Justice for East Timor, March 2002

Stop Congressional Support for Lethal Indonesian Military, Make 3 Calls Today (May-June 2002)

The World's Newest Country Must Start Debt-Free! (April 2002)

"Just Say No" to Military Assistance for Indonesia (April 2002)

Honor the Santa Cruz Massacre Victims - Support Justice, November 2001

Training Ban Under Attack  Dec 2001

Take Action to End the Refugee Crisis, June 2001

Defend Pacifica's Democracy Now!, August 2001

Signers Needed on House Letter to Megawati, August 2001

Call Congress for Justice for East Timor, May  2001 Action Alert

Call the Bush Administration May 2001: End The Refugee Crisis; Create an International Tribunal for East Timor; Maintain The Suspension On U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties!

Take Action for East Timor, January-February 2001 Action Alert

Take Action for East Timor, Fall 2000 Action Alert

Save the Human Rights Subcommittee in the House of Representatives

Call Congress Today - Support East Timor & Stop the Violence in Indonesia Now; Co-Sponsors Needed for 2 New Resolutions in the House of Representatives 

STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW  Murderous Militias Rampage Through West Timor
Calls Still Needed to Loc-in Suspension of Ties with  Indonesian Security Forces

Take Media Action! for East Timor's August 30 Vote Anniversary

Human Rights Activist Jafar Siddiq Hamzah Has Disappeared


CALL CONGRESS TODAY SUPPORT THE BAN ON U.S.- INDONESIA MILITARY TIES & RESOLVE THE REFUGEE CRISIS Urge your Senators and representatives to oppose joint military exercises with Indonesia until all Congressional conditions have been met. 

JOIN ETAN's Campaign to Bring the East Timorese Refugees Home

To those wishing to help the people of East Timor we offer a list of organizations handling donations.

A variety of events are taking place around the U.S. and world. Click here for latest list. Or organize your own. Contact: ETAN speakers and East Timor support groups are available nationwide.

ETAN needs your support.  All donations to hare appreciated. More details on how to donate are here.

Use these sample letters to President Clinton and Congress to express your concern for the East Timorese.  Also, examples of Letters to the Editor and Op Eds are available, as well as information on how to contact officials in Washington, Jakarta, Dili and New York..

East Timor Action Network/US has an electronic mailing list for action alerts which deal with lobbying the US government, severe human rights violations and the like.  Items are sent as needed, and postings average 1 per month.   Click here to receive ETAN Action Alerts by email.

Information about additional sources of timely information, such as Usenet newsgroups and electronic mailing lists, are available on our Electronic Resources page.

Latest News

News about East Timor and background on above items.
Timor Postings: News articles and analysis from the east-timor (reg.easttimor) listserv is updated weekly. Click here to subscribe to the list.




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