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Winter 2007
East Timor hits potholes on the road to independence
Petroleum dependency
Support Democracy! Become an Election Observer
Support Resolution on “Comfort Women”
U.S. Re-engages the Indonesian Military: Rights, Democracy Suffer
Munir Update
Justice Remains Distant for East Timorese
Chega!’s Recommendations & the U.S.
Crimes Against Humanity From Ford to Saddam
Madison-Ainaro Sister City Alliance Maintains Solidarity Links
New Year Dawns with Threats to Human Rights in West Papua

Spring 2005
ETAN Assists Aceh
ETAN Takes A New Name
What’s the Deal with the Timor Sea?
IMET Certified; Congress Speaks Out
Join ETAN's Advocacy Days

Winter 2004-2005
Timor Still Awaits Justice
Congress Takes on TNI, Justice, Australia
East Timor’s Oil: Blessing or Curse?
In Remembrance: Dan Fietkiewicz; Munir

Spring 2004
Australia Continues to Steal East Timor’s Sea Resources
More Pressure Needed to Stop U.S.-TNI Ties
Justice . . . When?
Announcing ETAN Lobby Days June 6-8, 2004, Washington, DC

Spring 2003
Accomplishments and Challenges After One Year of Independence
(In)Justice and the Struggle for Accountability
Legislation, Language and Lobbying
The Iraq War as Seen from East Timor
Justice for East Timor: We Can't Stop Now!
We're All Organizers
About East Timor and ETAN

Winter  2002-2003
Congress Moves to Renew Military Ties with Indonesian Military
Indonesian Verdicts Strengthen Calls for International Tribunal
East Timor Puts U.S. Soldiers Above the Law
Will the Refugees Be Forgotten?
Indonesia Network Update
Remembering Senator Paul Wellstone (1944-2002)
Stories from Ainaro
The State of International Aid to East Timor
Kissinger Protests

Spring 2002
East Timor Achieves Hard-won Nationhood

Changes and Challenges in Washington
The Women of East Timor Demand Justice
A Dangerous Oil Slick
Documents Detailing Role of Kissinger and Ford in 1975 Invasion Released
Ten Years for Justice and Self-Determination
ETAN Continues Refugee and Justice Campaigns
About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network

Winter 2001-2002
East Timor Elects Assembly
Ashes to Ashes: Reflections on Terror
ETAN to Kissinger
ETAN Marks Anniversaries
September 11 Aftermath Brings Shifts in Washington
Lobby Days 2001 Yields Info, Action
Phillips Petroleum & Canberra Play an Old Game
ETAN Tour Spotlights Refugee Crisis
President Megawati: Bad News for Timor
Court Issues $66 Million Judgment Against Indonesian General
A Letter from Dili
About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network

Spring 2001
Will East Timor See Justice?
Despite Resistance, ETAN Continues Legislative Efforts
ETAN Conference Launches New Phase of Solidarity
West Timor Refugee Crisis Continues
Support East Timor in Your Community
U.S. Activists Respond to Indonesian Military Violence
Indonesian General on Trial in U.S. Court
U.S. - East Timor Relationship Raises New Questions
Madison Becomes East Timor's First Sister City in U.S.
About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network

Winter 2000-2001
Victories in Washington and the Road Ahead
The Indonesian Military- Resisting Reform
Ajiza Magno Discusses the Next Phase of Struggle
ETAN Needs Your Support!
In Memoriam: Diane Mechling
Fond Adieu To Departing Staff
ETAN Welcomes New Field Organizer
Indonesia Human Right Network Prepares For Launch
What Does the New Congress Mean for East Timor?
A Brief History of Aceh
Remembering Jafar Siddiq Hamzah
East Timor Photos by Elaine Briere

Summer 2000
East Timor Enters Reconstruction Era: A Work in Progress
Only Continued Pressure Will Keep Military Assistance From Indonesia
La’o Hamutuk 
Election 2000: Here They Come Again! 
An Interview with Constâncio Pinto
Supporting Grassroots East Timorese Organizations
West Papuans Demand Self-Determination
Short Takes: Indonesia Human Rights Network; Remembering Saylor; Military Fuels Maluku Mayhem; East Timorese Protest July 4 Party

Spring 2000
We Can't Stop Here: Keeping Military Assistance  Suspended and Working  for  Refugee Return and Rights Accountability 
Gus Dur and the Military Monster
Atrocity Investigations in East Timor
East Timor in Transition: A View from the Ground
ETAN Steering Committee Explores New Territory

Chapter Updates
IFET Launches New Project
Exploring an Indonesia Action Network

Autumn 1999
Against All Odds: The Victory of a Lost Cause
To Resist Is to Win- How Washington Succumbed to Public Pressure on East Timor
United Nations Takes Over East Timor, Belatedly and Reluctantly
Things Fall Apart
East Timor Education and Humanitarian Aid 
Help Provide Humanitarian Aid for the People of East Timor
New Resources Available from ETAN
Witness to Triumph in a Sea of Terror
The World Bank in East Timor- Solidarity Needed to Avoid the Usual Traps
Speaking Tour
Tom Tomorrow on East Timor

Summer 1999
Militia Attack on Humanitarian Team in Liquiça
U.S. "Deeply Disturbed" by Militia Attacks on Civilians
UN Update - Terror and Hope for the East Timorese
ET Observer Project Needs Grassroots Support
Congressional Action Alert
First Weekly Bulletin issued by IFET-OP
New Resources on East Timor
ETAN-NY Dedicates "East Timor Way"

Early 1999
Xanana Transferred to House Arrest; Indonesia Hints at Independence
Albright Supports Indonesian Troop Reductions and Transparency in Timor, Calls for Xanana’s Release
ETANers Strategize for Post-Suharto Action
New Chapters, Important New Resolution
ETAN Chapters Keep Up the Pressure
Relief Projects Seeking Contributions for East Timor
East Timorese Weavings Available
Peace Brigades Will Go to East Timor
ETAN Seeks Second Washington Staffer
Optimism Tainted by Continued Repression
New Hopes, Old Terror
Movements Growing in East Timor
East Timorese Activists to Tour U.S.
Aceh Conference Held in New York
Action Alert
Lobby Days are Here Again...
About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network

Summer 1998
Suharto’s Fall - A New Era in East Timor
Senate For Referendum; Clinton, UN Slow to Act
Autonomy - Promise or Trick?
Selective Purchasing Law Supports Timorese Rights
New Report Available
ETAN San Francisco to Host Activist Training
Upcoming Speaking Tours
ETAN Chapters Active
Best to Constâncio Pinto, Welcome to Simon Doolittle
ETAN on Attacks on Ethnic Chinese Indonesians

Timorese National Convention in the Diaspora
East Timor Relief Fund
Canadian Solidarity Movement Reorganizes
The ETAN/US Web Site
Upcoming ETAN National Strategy Conference
Xanana - Boston Concert to Free East Timor

Spring 1998
Congress Bars Use of US Weapons in Timor
US Trains Indonesian Military Despite Ban
Constâncio Pinto Joins ETAN Staff
APCET III Meets in Bangkok
ETAN Hosts Activist Training Conferences
José Ramos-Horta Inspires St. Louis Activists
Massachusetts East Timor Bill Update
ETAN Member News
Indonesia - On the verge of change?
Torture and Fear of Torture Actualized
Postcard from Timor
Review - Women’s Rights in East Timor
U.S. Should Help East Timor
Youth Resistance in East Timor
U.S. and IMF Indonesian Bailout Unethical

Spring 1997
No F16's for Indonesia
Academic "Roadshow" Raises Awareness
Elections, Suharto Style
Isabel Galhos Tours the United States
Victory for East Timor in Geneva
Massachusetts Closer to Indonesia Sanctions
New Resources from ETAN
Call for Independent Observers
Sanitized by the Nobel Prize
ETAN's New Field Organizer
Support East Timor in Your Community

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