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Summer 2000

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Supporting Grassroots East Timorese Organizations

ETAN works closely with Health Alliance International and Grassroots International, two U.S.-based organizations that support East Timorese in rebuilding their nation. We hope you will consider making a donation to ETAN (see below) for its work in the U.S., while also supporting the work of either or both of these excellent groups.

Health Alliance International is raising money for the critical work of free health clinics and training East Timorese in health care. Grassroots International supports local organizing efforts through funding and other assistance. In September and October of this year, Grassroots will send two Brazilian women to East Timor to train six local groups in methods of popular education based on the work of renowned writer/activist Paulo Friere.

HAI supports the Bairro Pité Clinic in Dili, which was established in October 1999 by Dr. Dan Murphy. Dr. Murphy provides local East Timorese with free health care, including tuberculosis and malaria treatment. The clinic is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and treats more than 6,000 people each month. This essential facility is administered by ETANer Max White.

The following are four East Timorese organizations which Grassroots International currently supports:

Fokupers, the East Timorese Women’s Communication Forum, began its work in 1997 and since then has done much to assist women survivors of violence. They offer broad support services, educate women on health and human rights issues, document cases of violence against women, and support women’s cooperatives.

Founded in 1996, Yayasan HAK (Organization for Law, Human Rights, and Justice) was the first official human rights organization in East Timor. Their work includes documentation of human rights abuses, community organizing, legal consultation and advocacy, educational campaigns, and emergency assistance. 

The Secular Institute of Maun Alin Iha Kristus is an educational institute grounded in the philosophy of liberation theology. Started in 1990 by Sister Maria Lourdes, an extremely charismatic woman, the Institute runs six schools for women and girls and several health care centers. It is now building a center for community education and reconciliation.

Comissão dos Direitos Humanos Timor Leste (The East Timor Human Rights Commission), the primary human rights organization in the country, was formed in October 1999 by members of several other groups, including Fokupers and Yayasan HAK. The Commission works closely with other groups; at present, their work focuses on community development and education on human rights.

Grassroots International
Donations should be marked "Act Now for East Timor" 
179 Boylston Street, Fourth Floor, Boston, MA 02130-4520
617-524-1400, fax: 617-524-5525,

Health Alliance International
Medical Aid for East Timor Fund
1107 NE 45th St., Suite 410, Seattle WA 98105
206-543-8382, fax:206-685-4184,